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re:Invent 2020 re:cap

re:Invent 2020 re:cap

In this webinar we'll take you through some of the highlights from the AWS re:Invent conference 2020 and how they might be relevant to your needs.

The Scale Factory

December 16, 2020

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  1. AWS RE:INVENT_ Keynotes: Andy Jassy (CEO) Partner Keynote Machine Learning

    Infrastructure Werner Vogels (VP & CTO amazon.com) Other sessions
  2. EC2 MAC (mac1.metal)_ Bare metal instances 6 x 3.2Ghz Core

    i7 (8 gen)* 32GiB RAM 10Gbps VPC bandwidth 8Gbps EBS bandwidth Mojave / Catalina / Big Sur (soon) Minimum 24hrs
  3. GRAVITON 2 INSTANCES_ M6g (general purpose) T4g (burstable gp) C6g

    (compute intensive) R6g (memory intensive)
  4. WHY GRAVITON 2?_ Custom silicon 64bit Arm Neoverse cores Targeted

    optimisations for cloud-native workloads 4x L1 cache compared with Intel chips M6g is 20% cheaper vs M5 Up to 40% better price/performance
  5. OTHER INSTANCES_ D3, D3en (high local storage capacity) M5zn (Xeon

    or AMD) R5b (Xeon or AMD) G4ad (Radeon Pro V520 GPU) Habana Gaudi Accelerators
  6. AMAZON EBS gp3_ 20% cheaper than gp2 Max performance 4x

    that of gp2 Performance ≠ capacity 3,000 IOPS & 125MB/s at any volume size Scales to 16,000 IOPS & 1,000 MB/s
  7. io2 BLOCK EXPRESS EBS_ 256K IOPS 4,000 Mbps throughput 64

    TiB max volume Multi-attach / I/O fencing Elastic Volumes Fast Snapshot Restore
  8. ECR PUBLIC_ Fully managed OCI container registry Publicly share container

    software Published through CloudFront Replacement for Docker Hub Cross-region replication
  9. ECS / EKS ANYWHERE_ Run containers on your own hardware

    Use the control plane in AWS No customer data leaves your network
  10. AMAZON EKS ADDONS_ Configure & deploy Kubernetes add-ons using AWS

    APIs Includes support for VPC CNI Supports IAM roles for service accounts
  11. AWS LAMBDA CONTAINER IMAGE SUPPORT_ Package and deploy Lambda functions

    as container images up to 10GB size Base images available for all supported Lambda runtimes. Lambda Runtime Interface Emulator Publish Lambda containers with ECR
  12. AMAZON AURORA SERVERLESS v2_ In preview for Aurora MySQL (PostgreSQL

    next year) Faster scale-out More granular scalability Great for variable or SaaS workloads
  13. AWS PROTON_ Tool for platform teams to maintain consistent standards

    for deployment Developers self-serve their application deployments Containers & Lambda supported Infrastructure as Code
  14. DEVOPS GURU_ ML-powered operations service Reports on anomalies in your

    operational data (CloudWatch, Config, CloudTrail, X- Ray)
  15. SAGEMAKER UPDATES_ SageMaker Pipelines SageMaker Data Wrangler SageMaker Feature Store

    Distributed training on Amazon SageMaker SageMaker Edge Manager SageMaker Debugger SageMaker Clarify SageMaker JumpStart
  16. AWS GLUE_ AWS Glue DataBrew AWS Glue Elastic Views DynamoDB

    Redshift S3 ElasticSearch More coming
  17. SAAS BOOST_ Ready-to-use Reference Environment Accelerate moving container-based apps into

    SaaS model in AWS Deployment automation, analytics, billing, metering
  18. AWS AUDIT MANAGER_ Map AWS usage to controls Automate audit

    evidence collection Manage stakeholder reviews of your controls Build audit reports with less effort
  19. BABELFISH FOR AURORA POSTGRESQL_ Escape your SQL Server licenses Translate

    SQL Server apps to PostgreSQL T-SQL supported Move apps for SQL Server 2014 or later Will soon be open source
  20. WHAT NOW?_ Enable DevOps Guru Convert gp2 to gp3 volumes

    Look into Graviton 2 migration Adopt managed services Converge on container images for application delivery