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Social Media Marketing Training Course With Certification | Seekho.Digital

Social Media Marketing Training Course With Certification | Seekho.Digital

Seekho.Digital’s Online Social Media Marketing Certification Courses Get Certified in Social Media Marketing with Seekho.Digital. For more info visit at - https://seekho.digital/customer-engagement-via-digital-marketing/



July 27, 2021


  1. Search Engine Optimization A Digital Marketing Strategy

  2. What is Digital Marketing? 2 Digital Marketing is the process

    through which brands engage with their potential customers online. This helps brands promote themselves, create brand awareness, and connect with their customers. Most commonly used channels are: ✗ Search Engines ✗ Social Media Platforms ✗ Emails ✗ Mobile Apps ✗ Websites
  3. What is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization or SEO,

    is a technique in digital marketing through which you can increase traffic to a website for free or organically. SEO not only affects the quantity of the traffic, but also the quality. Quality traffic means that more of those people who are interested in your product or service are visiting your page. 3 SEO can boost revenue and increase visits to websites without paying for advertisements.
  4. Why is SEO Important? While with advertising you can rank

    higher in search results, only 2.8% of the people will click on your ad*. Generating traffic this way also requires contineous investment. Otherwise, when you stop paying for the ad, you will stop ranking at the top. Compared to this SEO can generate 20 times more traffic* at a lower cost. Your rankings are also not going to change much if you stop working on SEO for a while. 4 SEO is a much better way of generating traffic in the long run. *https://sparktoro.com/blog/seo-opportunity-growing-shrinking/
  5. On-Page SEO On-page SEO involves optimizing everything that visitors will

    see on your website. This means you should: ✗ Provide quality content ✗ Use headings and bullets ✗ provide links to other material, etc. On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO Off-Page SEO Off-page SEO involves promoting a website. This can be done through: ✗ Influencer Marketing ✗ Link Building ✗ Social Media Engagement, etc. 5
  6. Seekho.digital’s Advanced Digital Marketing Course will provide you in depth

    knowledge of each and every branch of digital marketing. The course will first take you through the underlying principles of digital marketing. Then you will learn how you can use technology to better engage with customers. Since the best way to learn is by applying knowledge, you also get an opportunity to complete live projects and give simulation exams. This course involves 100 hours of contact learning and 50 hours of self paced learning, all spread over 3 months. 6 Professional Digital Marketing Course
  7. Why Choose Seekho.digital? With us you will learn from industry

    experts and get access to material developed by experienced professionals. You will also get an opportunity to get hands-on traning from 10+ marketing tools and earn 12+ industry recognised certifications. Elegible students will also get placement assisment so that they can land their dream job! 7
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