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This talk was presented at North West Ruby User Group on January 19th 2012. Check github.com/seenmyfate/give for more information

Tom Clements

January 19, 2012

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  1. the nature of resolve This year I'm going to… Write

    a book! Travel the world! Make Open Source contributions!
  2. introducing give give makes contributing to open source projects on

    Github just a little easier, by wrapping some simple commands around a common workflow.
  3. why? easier for first time contributors easier for lazy devs

    helps create conflict-free pull requests helps project maintainers
  4. give setup $ give setup seenmyfate give Forks the project

    to your github account Clones your fork Adds the original repo as an upstream remote
  5. give update $ give update feature/my_awesome_feature Fetches upstream changes Pulls

    upstream into your local master Rebases your feature branch