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The Art of Building Developer Tools, or When to Take the Plunge

The Art of Building Developer Tools, or When to Take the Plunge


Samuel E. Giddins

September 01, 2015


  1. The Art of Building Developer Tools

  2. The Art of Building Developer Tools Or: When to Take

    the Plunge
  3. Samuel Giddins Realm

  4. None
  5. LLVM I couldn’t do my job without it.

  6. None
  7. What do these projects, and countless others, have in common?

  8. None
  9. Developer Tools

  10. How we get from point A to point B. Every

  11. My Projects

  12. 4 Bundler 4 CocoaPods 4 Jazzy 4 Realm 4 RestKit

  13. Each is a different kind of tool

  14. How can I make these things?

  15. 1. Find something that’s missing from your workflow 2. Build

    it 3. Build it in such a way others can use it 4. Receive feedback 5. Ignore 70% of it 6. Have a thick skin 7. Keep on improving
  16. Is this something I want to do?

  17. Maybe Don’t rush into it. It’s a lot of work,

    and you won’t succeed unless it’s a project that makes you happy.
  18. Is there a real problem space here? Can someone in

    my position provide a solution?
  19. Think risk vs. reward. Think about access. Think about time.

  20. Does my experience leave me ready to solve this problem?

  21. 4 Is it general? 4 Is it in-depth? 4 Is

    it unavoidable?
  22. ! Great

  23. ! Great Go Forth and Build

  24. Samuel Giddins Realm @segiddins