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Games, Literacy, and Tech In Nigeria

14c33ea35ebb7c3bae05c0125ef7ff04?s=47 Senongo Akpem
January 03, 2015

Games, Literacy, and Tech In Nigeria

The Nigerian tech scene is booming. With increased access to mobile technology and connected cities, West African designers and developers are creating unique solutions to literacy, mobile apps, and games. This talk looked at some success stories, such as Genii games and CcHub, and offered ways that Western tech communities can find common cause with this community. I just wanted to show the attendees what is happening in the Nigerian tech community, and offer some ideas on what it means to be an African with a foot in both worlds.
Presented at Alterconf NYC, Nov 2013


Senongo Akpem

January 03, 2015


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  36. This community in Nigeria is growing rapidly

  37. Let’s find common cause.

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