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Hyperlinks and Story Arcs: Building Non-Linear Narratives Online

Hyperlinks and Story Arcs: Building Non-Linear Narratives Online

What does it mean to build a non-linear story in the 21st century? Our storytelling tools are increasingly fragmented in the digital world but, at the same time, the web is opening up all sorts of exciting possibilities. The digital tools at our fingertips, from simple hyperlinks to complex animations, mean we can create non-linear narratives that exist as the perfect storytelling format for the web.

Senongo Akpem

April 08, 2014

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  1. Create experiences that are not just hierarchical or linear, but

    flexible, modular, relational, and semantic. -Sara Wachter-Boettcher
  2. One of the challenges facing designers of intelligent storytelling systems

    is how to balance tension between user and author control. -Joshua Tanenbaum & Angela Tomizu
  3. Knowledge... can now be accessed through a network of links

    in which a spatial relation between component parts can be preserved. -person -Janet Marles
  4. Transmedia storytelling is the ideal aesthetic form for an era

    of collective intelligence. -Henry Jenkins