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Culturally Responsive Design

Senongo Akpem
October 19, 2017

Culturally Responsive Design

A talk about how we can use cultural factors and thinking to make sites and projects for a worldwide audience.
Given at AmuseUX, Hungary, in the fall of 2017.

Senongo Akpem

October 19, 2017

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  1. Senongo Akpem Design Director at Constructive @senongo Hey!

  2. Culturally Responsive Design Creating for Your Worldwide Audience

  3. a bit of background…

  4. Nigeria

  5. USA

  6. Japan

  7. We design for numerous cultures, whether we know it or

  8. Cultural Variables

  9. Multicultural design should expose the unwritten rules of society.

  10. vs Low Context High Context

  11. toji.or.jp

  12. vs Individualism Collectivism

  13. The Bollywood Technique

  14. Understanding 
 interfaces isn’t the same as accepting them.

  15. vs Low Power Distance High Power Distance

  16. Oscar Ruiz / publicis-mexico.com

  17. projects.newyorker.com/story/subway/

  18. vs Slow Messaging Fast Messaging

  19. gov.uk

  20. Tropico Vernacular / Lobregat Balaguer

  21. … a people whose idea of visual pleasure is an

    explosion of the colors and textures that constitute the experience of community. LOBREGAT BALAGUER

  23. W. Robert Moore/National Geographic Society/Corbis / UK’s Science Museum

  24. Clement Valla / Google

  25. All our design choices come with pre-existing assumptions.

  26. Code-switching

  27. We adjust our communication to emphasize (or minimize) our social

  28. Meedan labs

  29. Build design projects with the flexibility to code-switch.

  30. Depicting the “Other”

  31. Air France /

  32. abidjan .net

  33. Ashaninka/ Osklen

  34. Narratives can deliberately break those stereotypes.

  35. None
  36. captaindacosta.com

  37. None
  38. None
  39. Give your audience permission to explore nuanced cultural references.

  40. Yinka Shonibare

  41. None
  42. None
  43. Appropriation punches up.

  44. So what steps should we take?

  45. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. PETER DRUCKER

  46. Flexible Research

  47. reboot.org

  48. None
  49. Test design that explores technical (& cultural) experiences. TIP

  50. Forgiving Interfaces

  51. Kim Suk / AP images

  52. Leo Juarez / NBC News

  53. Design forgiving interfaces that flex across cultures. TIP

  54. Layered Language

  55. FEED Montreal

  56. None
  57. holohalo.net

  58. Create projects that work effectively in multilingual contexts. TIP

  59. A Sense of Place

  60. raponline.org

  61. lostnigeria.com

  62. lostnigeria.com

  63. Reference location in nuanced ways, to create a sense of

    belonging. TIP
  64. I’ll end with a final note of encouragement.

  65. Culture informs every part of our design practice. Use it!

  66. Senongo Akpem @senongo Thank you!