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Installing WordPress - WordCampPHX

Sé Reed
January 18, 2013

Installing WordPress - WordCampPHX

Installing WordPress, a 45-minute seminar presented by Sé Reed at WordCamp Phoenix 2013.

Sé Reed

January 18, 2013

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  1. ‣Open source software ‣Based on MySQL ‣ MySQL version 5.0.15

    or greater ‣Written in PHP ‣ PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  2. PHP

  3. 1. Download and unzip WordPress 2. Create a MySQL database

    and user 3. Upload WordPress to your server 4. Create the wp-config file a. automatically b. manually 5. Run the installer
  4. 3. Be patient ‣ You don't have to be an

    expert on your first day. ‣ It's okay to do it the easy way.
  5. 2. Keep it light ‣ Too many plugins or theme

    features can break or slow down your site (and your motivation).
  6. 1. Add content! ‣ Content is the ONLY reason people

    visit your site *AND the best way to help them find it.