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CloudFront + S3 + EC2

CloudFront + S3 + EC2

How to host a modern web application on Amazon AWS

Sergio Sicari

February 17, 2020

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  1. CloudFront + S3 + EC2 host a modern web application

    on aws https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergiosicari/ https://github.com/sergioska Sergio Sicari - Senior Backend Developer / DevOps [PED]
  2. Why deploy a static frontend? We can get only one

    api set that expose logic application at the same way for everyone API mobile app web application
  3. What is Cloudfront? Cloudfront is a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

    that allow to distribute a resource (data, video, api, ecc) in global scenario with the minimum delay Proxy methods PUT/POST/PATCH/OPTIONS/D ELETE go directly to the origin from the edge locations and do not proxy through the Regional Edge Caches.
  4. Why Cloudfront? • To get CDN benefit • To get

    AWS SSL support on S3 instance
  5. Pro • total separation between front-end and back-end • a

    unique api set for all front-end application (mobile, desktop, web, ecc …) • “only in one” solution under AWS ecosystem • SSL certificate is 0 conf and 0 worry • api and frontend in CDN • Start in free tier and autoscale • “All in one” solution for customer Cons • manage cloudfront cache invalidation after deploy