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Mastering Functional JavaScript

by Ulric Wilfred

Published December 12, 2012 in Programming

An easy (I hope), but deep (I believe), introduction in JavaScript functions. Several snippets, several live and fine examples, you'll like it.

Links to the examples:
Deferred functions: http://codepen.io/shamansir/pen/HskmE, http://codepen.io/shamansir/pen/kBzJe
Partial functions: http://codepen.io/shamansir/pen/xCrgz
Queued functions: http://codepen.io/shamansir/pen/AaHqy
Composed functions: http://codepen.io/shamansir/pen/Funwt

Lyfe.js: http://bitbucket.org/balpha/lyfe
Article on lyfe.js: http://balpha.de/2011/06/introducing-lyfe-yield-in-javascript

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