Introduction to okio

Introduction to okio

okio is a library for A modern I/O API for Java, maintained by Square, Inc.

I have talked about okio in general; the history and basics of it.

* square/okio

* Droidcon Montreal Jake Wharton - A Few Ok Libraries

* Buffering data with Okio

* OkHttpの依存ライブラリのOkioでチェックサム算出 - 初老のボケ防止日記

* Y.A.M の 雑記帳: 4月 2015

* Droidcon Montreal まとめ - hydrakecat’s blog

* No beer emoji for

* 046: okJesse – A deep discussion on okHttp, okio and Retrofit – Fragmented


Shohei Kawano

July 22, 2016