Taking Glance at RxJava 2.0

Taking Glance at RxJava 2.0

* UPDATED (08/25/16)
RxJava 2.0-RC 1 is released today and some of the documentation changes were made; the information on this keynote may no longer be up-to-date so please check the official wiki documentation (the links are available below) for more accurate information. Thank you.

RxJava 2.0 is coming this year!

Although the current version of RxJava 1.x is already powerful enough in both Android and Java application development, RxJava keeps evolving and now the first release candidate is coming very soon.

I have talked about upcoming RxJava 2.0, the very tip of it through browsing mostly RxJava repository and its well-documented wiki, as well as the talk of Jake Wharton from Fragmented Podcast.

THIS KEYNOTE DOES NOT COVER ALL THE CHANGES OF RxJava 2.0. (ONLY what I have found out through my research.)

While it is not even released for developers yet, I really hope this new RxJava makes our lives even easier by making it possible to handle asynchronous streams of data even easier than the current RxJava 1.x, with intuitively understandable interfaces and methods.

* reactive-streams.org

* Reactive Streams · ReactiveX/RxJava Wiki

* What's different in 2.0 (draft) · ReactiveX/RxJava Wiki

* amitshekhariitbhu/RxJava2-Android-Samples: RxJava 2 Android Examples - Migration From RxJava 1 to RxJava 2 - How to use RxJava 2 in Android

* JakeWharton/retrofit2-rxjava2-adapter: An RxJava 2 CallAdapter.Factory implementation for Retrofit 2.

* 053: Jake Wharton on RxJava (2) – Fragmented

* Droidcon NYC 2016


Shohei Kawano

August 23, 2016