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エクストリーム・モチベーション / Extreme Motivation

エクストリーム・モチベーション / Extreme Motivation


Shoya Ishimaru

June 13, 2021

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  1. ਓ޻஌ೳͱࣗવ஌ೳ %FFQ#MVF  
 ਓ͕ؒڭ͑ͨϚχϡΞϧΛ΋ͱʹઓ͏ "MQIB(P  

 ϓϩͷعේͱڧԽֶशΛ΋ͱʹ੒௕ "MQIB(P;FSP  
 ਓؒͷखΛआΓͣʹ੒௕ ਓ͕"*Λ 
 ݡ͘͢Δ "*͕"*Λ 
 ݡ͘͢Δ "*͕ਓΛ 
 ݡ͘͢Δͱ໘നͦ͏ ࣍͸ͲΜͳ͜ͱ͕ى͖Δʁ
  2. ਭ຾ ௨ֶ तۀΛड͚Δ ຊΛಡΉ ςϨϏΛݟΔ ৯ࣄ ߦಈͷه࿥਎ମతߦಈ͔Βೝ஌తߦಈ·Ͱ ೔ৗ࢖͍Ͱ͖ΔσόΠεΛ࢖ͬͯਓͷೝ஌తߦಈΛه࿥͍ͨ͠ʂ ΢ΣΞϥϒϧσόΠε<#VMMJOH FUBM>

    εϚʔτΞΠ΢ΣΞ ࢢൢͷΞΫςΟϏςΟτϥοΧ খதߴੜͷ׆ಈ A. Bulling, et al. "Eye movement analysis for activity recognition using electrooculography." IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 33.4 (2010): 741-753. J. Steil & A. Bulling. "Discovery of everyday human activities from long-term visual behaviour using topic models." Proceedings of the 2015 ACM international joint conference on pervasive and ubiquitous computing. 2015. ɾɾɾ
  3. ສޠܭ؟ٿӡಈ͔ΒಡॻྔΛܭଌ า਺ͷ୅ΘΓʹޠ਺ΛՄࢹԽ ಡॻΛଅ͢ϑΟʔυόοΫ read! Nice condition. Read one paragraph more!

    There are interesting articles for you. S. Ishimaru et al. "The Wordometer 2.0: Estimating the Number of Words You Read in Real Life using Commercial EOG Glasses”. UbiComp '16 Adjunct, pp. 293–296, 2016.
  4. ೔ʑͷߦಈྔͱ৺ͷঢ়ଶʹ͸૬ޓͷ૬͕ؔ͋Δ ೖྗ ग़ྗ ؾ෼ ػ 

    श ਎ମߦಈྔ ೝ஌ߦಈྔ ࣾձߦಈྔ ਭ຾ ಛ௃நग़ ׆ྗ iPhone, AppleWatch Fitbit JINS MEME Twitter, Facebook RescueTime ਪఆ
  5. ࢹઢ͔Βओ؍తߴ೉қ౓୯ޠ Θ͔Βͳ͍୯ޠ Λਪఆ ܭଌ͞Εͨࢹઢ ԁͷେ͖͞஫ࢹ࣌ؒ ೉͍͠ͱײͨ͡୯ޠͷਪఆ ΦϨϯδਖ਼ղ৘ใਫ৭ਪఆ݁Ռ େࣾ et al.

    "ࢹ఺৘ใΛ༻͍ͨओ؍తߴ೉қ౓୯ޠͷਪఆ". ిࢠ৘ใ௨৴ֶձٕज़ݚڀใࠂ, vol. 115, no. 517, PRMU2015-189, pp. 149-153, 2016.
  6. ͳͥ֬৴౓ͷਪఆ͕ඞཁͳͷ͔ ཧղ͍ͯ͠Δ͜ͱΛ 
 ཧղ͍ͯ͠Δ ཧղ͍ͯ͠ͳ͍͜ͱΛ 
 ཧղ͍ͯ͠Δ ۮવʁ ཧղ͍ͯ͠ͳ͍͜ͱΛ 

    ཧղ͍ͯ͠ͳ͍ ୒໰୊ʹ͓͚Δ੒੷ͱճ౴ͷ֬৴౓ͷ෼෍ ੜె໊ ੒੷ ఺ຬ఺ ճ౴΁ͷ֬৴౓ ͔Β
  7. ·ͱΊ • ΍Γ͍ͨ͜ͱ͸มΘͬͯ΋͍͍ʂ • ͦΕͧΕͷ׆ಈ͕ܨ͕Δॠ͕ؒདྷΔ • ܭըੑΑΓॊೈੑ • ະ౿δϡχΞ͸ΰʔϧ͡Όͳ͍ •

    ະ౿δϡχΞͷϲ݄ؒΛશྗͰָ͠ΜͰ͍ͩ͘͞ʂ • ԿΛୡ੒͢Ε͹ϓϩδΣΫτ͸੒ޭͱ͍͑Δ͔ • ࡞ͬͨ΋ͷ͕͋ͳͨͷ໊ࢗʹͳΔ