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Demystifying AL and ML

Dmitri Soshnikov
December 06, 2021

Demystifying AL and ML

Presentation at Hour-of-Code 2021

Dmitri Soshnikov

December 06, 2021

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  1. a = int(input()) b = int(input()) c = a+b print(c)

    photos = db.GetPhotos(user) PhotoGallery.Display(photos) PhotoGallery.OnClick(p=> DisplayPhoto(p))
  2. No # of pages Year of publication Book type Price

    1 350 2017 Novel 450 2 100 2006 Detective 300 3 10 2015 Children 500 4 550 1950 Science 1200 5 20 10 Children 350 6 225 2000 Textbook ??? Features (Xi ) Label (Yi ) Training set
  3. # of pages 150 x x x x x x

    x x x x 210 p. Price Model: Y = f(X) = aX+b Optimization: Find parameters a and b, such that L(a,b) → min Error: L(a,b) – sum of distances from point to the line
  4. http://eazify.net/titanic_dataset pclass survived name gender age sibsp parch 1 1

    Allen, Miss. Elisabeth Walton female 29 0 0 1 1 Allison, Master. Hudson Trevor male 0,9167 1 2 1 0 Allison, Miss. Helen Loraine female 2 1 2 1 0 Allison, Mr. Hudson Joshua Creighton male 30 1 2 1 0 Allison, Mrs. Hudson J C (Bessie Waldo Daniels) female 25 1 2 .. .. …. … … … …
  5. IF (at bus stop AND bus arrives) THEN action (get

    into the bus) IF (on the bus AND paid AND empty seat) THEN action (sit down). IF (on bus AND unpaid) THEN action (pay charges). IF (bus arrives at destination) THEN action (get down from the bus). Photo by Taylor Vatem and Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash
  6. 𝑍 = 𝑓1 𝑊1 𝑋 + 𝑏1 𝑌 = 𝑓2

    𝑊2 𝑍 + 𝑏2 Learning algorithm:
  7. British scientists from John Lennon Institute in Liverpool last week

    have completed studies on the effect of a virus on musical tastes of British young people. They have found out that Brits are fans of choral music. The virus, which was given to them under the disguise of a vitamin supplement, is said to be harmless. "During the course of our studies, we accidentally discovered that the virus had another effect - it made people appreciate choral music," said Professor Ighorghgh. "It was very surprising. Our control group, which had not been given the virus, showed no musical preferences." The Liverpool scientists are now working with their colleagues in Estonia to find out how the virus does this. The Estonians are exploring the possibility that the virus changes the structure of the brain. Another possibility is that the virus modifies the gene that controls musical taste.
  8. people_group 0.2578125 people_many 0.7109375 person 0.9945455 laptop 0.963514566 clothing 0.9370073

    indoor 0.917977333 furniture 0.906451 woman 0.527442455 a group of people sitting at a table using a laptop
  9. Affine Transformation Combines rotation, zooming and skew Is fully defined

    by transformation of 3 points cli = cf.FaceClient(endpoint, CognitiveServicesCredentials(key)) face_url = 'https://the.site/images/face.jpg' res = cli.face.detect_with_url(face_url, return_face_landmarks=True) {'pupil_left': {'x': 530.2, 'y': 387.6}, 'pupil_right': {'x': 725.6, 'y': 410.9}, 'nose_tip': {'x': 637.9, 'y': 514.3}, … def affine_transform(img,a): mc_x, mc_y = get_modmouth(a) tr = cv2.getAffineTransform( np.float32([(attrs['pupil_left']['x’], attrs['pupil_left']['y']), (attrs['pupil_right']['x’], attrs['pupil_right']['y']), (mc_x,mc_y)]), target_triangle return cv2.warpAffine(img,tr,(size,size))
  10. FATE: Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethical Fairness Accountability Transparency Ethical Is

    anyone treated differently? Is the training data representative/relevant? Are there systems in place to detect and address potential unfairness? Is there a mechanism to feedback/challenge results? Is there ultimately a human accountable? Is the AI behaviour verifiable (in the real world)? Is it clear an AI is being used? Is the AI clear, understandable and well-described? Are inadequacies/limitations clearly shared? Does it comply with privacy laws and contain appropriate use controls? What are the societal implications (think suffering, autonomy, equality)? Are there protections against unintended behaviour? Is there human monitoring? If lives are impacted, it’s important people understand how the decision was made