PWA導入の成果と課題 / nikkei-pwa-html5conf2018

PWA導入の成果と課題 / nikkei-pwa-html5conf2018

HTML5 Conference 2018 で発表したPWAに関するスライドです。

[日経電子版 サイト高速化とPWA対応]

[Nikkei achieves a new level of quality and performance with their multi-page PWA]

[「改めまして、Progressive Web Appsと申します」── Web UXの新たな基準を考える]

[BeforeInstallPromptEvent.prompt() can be used without user gesture (User Activation v2)]

[Speed up Service Worker with Navigation Preloads]

[リアルタイムデータ処理基盤 「Atlas」 のソースコードを公開します]


[Performance budgets 101]

[Your first performance budget]

[What's New In DevTools (Chrome 59)]

[Speed Essentials: Key Techniques for Fast Websites (Chrome Dev Summit 2018)]



[Twitter Lite]

[Service Worker スクリプトのインストールと更新処理]

[JS requests & size 1st party vs 3rd party]


[Pagespeed Insights]

[Desktop Progressive Web Apps]



Shunya Shishido

November 25, 2018