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Moving on …to a more Open Life...

Moving on …to a more Open Life...

Open Source Awareness Presentation for Faculty Development in College ....


Akash D Devaraju

August 08, 2011

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  1. Moving on … …to a more Open Life -Akash Devaraju

    5th Sem IS (Faculty Development Programme) CS Seminar Hall 29-7-11 12.00-01.00 PM
  2. What …Why …When …  What is Open Source Software

    ? …  Why Do we Need Open Source Software ? …  When Did it All Start ? ….
  3.  openSUSE 11.4 Edu Li-f-e  Released 10th March 

    Funded Project By Novell  Very Stable  Very User Friendly Lets See the Base …
  4.  C, C++, Java, Mono C#, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby,

    Scheme , Tcl all included in the DVD  Thousands of libraries to develop applications and scripts  Design highly scalable databases with MySQL, mariaDB, Postgresql  GCC 4.5 with better link and whole-program optimizations, GDB 7.1 (GNU Debugger), Mono 2.6.4 etc  Emacs, Vim  Netbeans 6.8, QtCreator 1.3.1, Eric, Eclipse, Kdevelop  Doxygen, Tex Live System, LaTeX available online  Apache, Tomcat servers Tools to help in you in Development...
  5. Be Productive!! Writer Impress Calc Draw Base  With OpenOffice.org

    3.2.1 make documents, spreadsheets and presentations  Manage your finances  Maintain your Journal and plan your daily tasks  Plan your projects
  6.  Use YaST2 to configure your security settings  PolicyKit

     Linux Audit Framework  Detect intrusion with AIDE  Encrypt Partitions and files  Use SSH for secure network operations  Prevent masquerading with SuSEFirewall  Configure a VPN server easily Security
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  10.  So, the question you should be asking is not

    “what does openSUSE have that I need?” but “what does openSUSE NOT have that I need?” and the answer is most likely: nothing. After all, OBS provides well over 100.000 different packages made by over 25.000 people.  Moreover, you can use KIWI (or the web interface SUSE Studio) to build your own openSUSE based operating system.  In short, openSUSE is much more than a linux distribution. 11.4 is awesome, but thanks to the other things the openSUSE Project does, no other linux distro can beat it!  Thank you for listening. So finally …
  11. Moving on … …to a more Open Life