Container Camp SF 2016

Container Camp SF 2016

Break-neck conversation about organizational change and containers in production.

A version of the demo that was pre-recorded


Jason Hansen

April 15, 2016


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    Reduce scope Small changes ➔ MANAGING CHANGE? Small changes Fewer

    outages ➔ Fewer outages More confidence ➔ More confidence Move faster ➔
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    Public / Private Cloud / Bare Metal Workflow Managed App

    C Workflow Managed App D Workflow Managed App B Kubernetes Workload A Kubernetes Workload B Kubernetes Workload C Kubernetes Workload D Workflow & Managed Apps Simple REST API Source to Image Builder Log Aggregation Application Release & Rollback Authn / Authz Edge Routing Kubernetes
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    WHY KUBERNETES? ➔Vibrant community ➔Informed by years of experience ➔Declarative

    APIs ➔Simple yet powerful abstractions ➔Design promotes loose coupling