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What it Means to be a VMware Pro

What it Means to be a VMware Pro

This career development-focused presentation was given on April 7, 2015 at the Austin VMUG, and discusses ways in which VMware professionals need to grow, evolve, and change in order to continue to be leaders within their organizations and within the industry.

Scott Lowe

April 07, 2015

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  1. What does it mean to be a VMware pro? A

    look at the evolution of the role of the VMware professional Scott Lowe http://blog.scottlowe.org
  2. Before we begin ☞ Get involved! Audience participation is encouraged

    and requested. ☞ Feel free to take photos or videos of today's presentation and share them online ☞ If you use Twitter, feel free to tweet about this session (use @MyVMUG or #ATXVMUG) ☞ A PDF copy of this presentation will be available online after the event
  3. VMware's technologies have also evolved ☞ It's not just about

    VMs anymore ☞ Multiple forms of virtualization: not just compute, but storage and network virtualization as well ☞ Products to help with management/operations, automation/ orchestration, and security ☞ It's about the software-defined data center
  4. The data center architect is the next step ☞ Just

    as VMware's value and technologies are evolving, so too do VMware professionals need to evolve ☞ VMware professionals are well-suited to evolve into the data center architects ☞ VMware sits at the center of the software-defined data center and touches almost every other area
  5. We must constantly be learning ☞ Business drivers and business

    value ☞ Storage ☞ Networking ☞ Security ☞ Automation/orchestration
  6. Practical steps to getting started ➀ Model some DevOps principles

    ➁ Expand your technical horizons ➂ Think systems, not components ➃ Talk to the business
  7. Model some DevOps principles ☞ Look beyond the hype (DevOps

    isn't just for Dev and Ops) ☞ A key tenet of DevOps is breaking down barriers between groups to improve the business value of IT ☞ DevOps principles are valuable to any IT pro ☞ CAMS (Culture, Automation, Measurement/Metrics, Sharing)
  8. Expand your technical horizons ☞ Linux ☞ Automation/orchestration tools ☞

    New storage architectures ☞ Network virtualization ☞ Don't get distracted by the new shiny!
  9. Think systems, not components ☞ Think at a systems level:

    your data center is a system, not a bunch of individual technologies ☞ Compute affects storage which affects networking which impacts security which has an effect on operations... ☞ Everything is interrelated and connected
  10. Talk to the business! ☞ Understand the business of your

    business ☞ Think about how the work of IT (your work) affects the business ☞ Talk in their language ☞ Focus on requirements, not solutions ☞ Say yes, not no
  11. Q&A

  12. ❝No man steps in the same river twice, for it's

    not the same river and he's not the same man.❞ —Heraclitus
  13. Thank you! Be sure to provide feedback to the VMUG

    leaders regarding this session. Blog: http://blog.scottlowe.org Twitter: @scott_lowe GitHub: https://github.com/lowescott Life: Colossians 3:17