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WordPress and the GPL

WordPress and the GPL

Slides from WordCamp Miami 2013


Siobhan McKeown

April 06, 2013

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  1. GPL @SiobhanPMcKeown #wcmia

  2. GPL GNU General Public License

  3. GPL Free Software License

  4. GPL Free as in freedom, not as in beer

  5. In the beginning...

  6. None
  7. “Computer users should be free to modify programs to fit

    their needs, and free to share software, because helping each other is the basis of society.”
  8. GPL GNU General Public License

  9. Freedom

  10. Freedom User

  11. Freedoms 4

  12. Freedom 0 to run the program, for any purpose

  13. Freedom 1 study how the program works, and modify it

  14. Freedom 2 redistribute copies

  15. Freedom 3 distribute modified versions

  16. Copyright

  17. Copyleft

  18. None
  19. None
  20. Developer Protection

  21. None
  22. None
  23. None
  24. b2 blogging software

  25. b2 © Michel Valdrighi

  26. b2 01.08.01 “For the moment I don't really care if

    you use parts of my code or not, as long as you give me credits for it. [...] b2 isn't released under the GPL yet.”
  27. b2 06.10.01 “he's using MY design + MY news script

    and not even linking it.”
  28. “why are copyright infringers so keen on putting a big

    ass COPYRIGHT section on sites/things they just copied ? This defies common sense...” b2 19.10.01
  29. “I guess this makes a b2 license for now.” b2

  30. “from now on b2 will be released under the GPL.”

    b2 03.02.02 b2 0.6 pre-release
  31. b2 is Free Software

  32. b2 is Free Software (free as in freedom, not as

    in beer)
  33. WordPress is Free Software (free as in freedom, not as

    in beer)
  34. the end of the story?

  35. Moveable type 3.0

  36. Freedom 0 the freedom to run the program, for any

  37. Freedom 0 Freedom 1 Freedom 2 Freedom 3

  38. ZOMG!

  39. ZOMG! people can give my stuff away for free!

  40. ZOMG! how can I do client work?

  41. ZOMG! it’s impossible to run a successful business!

  42. don’t take my word for it...

  43. None
  44. “Going GPL didn’t change anything about our business.” Adii Pienaar

  45. “we got a lot of flack when we forked Jigoshop

    to create WooCommerce” Adii Pienaar
  46. “The GPL gave us the opportunity to contribute to WordPress

    core, which is now being used by millions of people.” Adii Pienaar
  47. “It influences the general quality of code within the WordPress

    ecosystem, making all products (as a collective) better.” Adii Pienaar
  48. “It forces theme and plugin providers to focus on the

    support of their code as the primary way of building a sustainable business.” Adii Pienaar
  49. “It’s not about money; it’s about freedom.” Mark Pilgrim

  50. The End

  51. The End?

  52. Questions? @SiobhanPMcKeown