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Contributing to WordPress

Contributing to WordPress

My presentation for WordPress London - February 2013

Siobhan McKeown

February 21, 2013

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  1. Siobhan McKeown Writer @ Words for WP Editor @ Smashing

    MagazinE WordPress Contributor @SiobhanPMcKeown
  2. Learn The more I dove in, the more interesting it

    became, and the more difficult things I was able to figure out. Now, when I look back and see what I've learned just by contributing, I'm amazed. It's been more than I ever learned in college. Andrea Rennick
  3. Connect It raises your status inside the community, which is

    helpful, because it’s a very tight-knit community, and a lot of your business links are going to come from there. A lot of your potential partners on ventures and projects are going to come from within the community. And by contributing and staying close to that tight-knit group, you keep those connections alive. Mark Jaquith
  4. Career I got my job with DreamHost. And really, I

    used to work for a bank. I always used to say to people, I get satisfaction out of doing support for WordPress because I feel like I’m making things better for people in such a way that I can see the change happen that I know that I’m making peoples’ life a little bit better and a little bit easier, in a way that my job at the time just couldn’t satisfy. Mika Epstein
  5. Impact It’s not very often that something you do in

    an afternoon can touch so many folks, but WordPress is one of those places where you can. And for people who care about that, there’s nothing better. That feeling is so amazing. I still get it. I get that sort of shiver. You push out code or you push out change or a new design and you see the tweets start, you see the blog posts, you see the numbers move. It’s kind of amazing. Matt Mullenweg
  6. Love I’m totally a little bit of a hippy type,

    and I do it because I love the software. It’s my living. I get paid to do it full time. I love the community, and I think that the basic premise that WordPress is built on—democratizing publishing for everybody—is a really important one. Helen Hou-Sandi
  7. 3.6 Cycle Led By: Mark Jaquith & Aaron Campbell Features:

    Revisions AutoSave Post Format UI Editorial Flow Menus Projects: Twenty Thirteen Bug Gardening
  8. IRC Chat Schedule Wednesday: Mobile. 1600 UTC in #wordpress-mobile Wednesday:

    BuddyPress. 1900 UTC in #buddypress-dev Wednesday: bbPress. 1900 UTC in #bbpress Wednesday: Core. 2100 UTC in #wordpress-dev Thursday: Support & Docs. 2100 UTC in #wordpress-sfd To get help helping out, check out #wordpress-contribute irc.freenode.net
  9. Photo Credits Slide 55: Me at WordCamp Netherlands. Photo CC

    License dmvdberg Slide 47: WordCamp Netherlands. Photo CC License Erno Hannink Slide 3: WordPress Contributors. Photo copyright Dougal Campbell Slide 5: Learn. Photo CC License themitcho Slide 6: Connect. Photo Copyright konsobe Slide 7: Career. Photo Copyright konsobe Slide 8: Impact. Photo CC License Andrea Rennick Slide 9: Love. Photo CC License Andrea Rennick Slide 10 (etc): WordPress Community Summit. Photo Copyright Mika Epstein Slide 32: Photo CC License synx508