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Effective Localization Strategies For Your Mobile App

Soham Mondal
March 26, 2022

Effective Localization Strategies For Your Mobile App

Soham Mondal

March 26, 2022

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  1. Effective Localization Strategies For Your Mobile App By Soham Mondal

    from Triveous 
  2. Presentation Agenda Agenda Introduction 
 Our Background 
 What People

    Think It is? 
 What It Actually Is? 1 Localization Specifics 
 Play/App Store 
 Engineering and Libraries 
 Product Design and Data 
 Fonts 2 What Should You Do 
 Getting Started 
 For Most People 
 Medium-Large Sized Companies 4 Other Considerations 
 Business, Finance, Marketing and Launch 
 Tips/Tricks 3
  3. I’m Soham Mondal Founding Partner, Triveous 
 Lead Anchor Mentor

    @ Google For Startups Soham is the Founding Partner at Triveous and brings over 13 years of experience in building and servicing products across like finance, entertainment, education among others. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sohammondal/ 
 https://twitter.com/s0h4m About Associations
  4. Triveous Technologies 
 https://triveous.com/ 2013 2016 2017 Khoslalabs Worked with

    Khoslalabs on a state-of-the-art micro ATM (any Kirana shop owner can act as an ATM teller using their mobile phone) and POS solutions for the underbanked sections of India. EnParadigm and Google Worked with Enparadigm on multiple offline first apps in the insurance and education space. Worked with Google on multiple initiatives in the User Experience and Android Application space. About
  5. 2018 2021 FREND, Novopay and IDEO FREND is a non

    profit backed by Google and Tata Trusts. Worked on designing and developing an offline first application to generate livelihood for over 80,000 women in 300,000 villages across India. Worked with IDEO on a design framework for new internet users. Google AI, BharatAgri and Cutshort Worked with Novopay on multiple financial applications impacting millions of users across India. Worked with BharatAgri to redesign their consumer facing apps.
  6. Our Background - Skyro 
 - 15 languages 

    LtoR, RtoL 
 - Play Store: Listing, Screenshots, Videos, Support, Product Design 
 - App Store Optimisation - Other Apps 
 - Many Projects: Fintech, Edtech, Non- Profit and Agritech products across urban and rural India 
 - Mentor to ShareChat ( Google For Startups - 100 + million users, valuation at $3 billion), Multibhashi and multiple other startups DETAILS Introduction
  7. Product Design, Data -Interface Challenges 
 - Spacing 

 - Icons 
 - Left To Right ( LtoR ) and Right to Left ( RtoL ) -Date and Time Formats -Units and Currency DETAILS Specifics
  8. How to 
 Localise -Google Translate -Local Agencies -Gengo: Human,

    Reviewed -Live Content: API, Accessibility -Third Party App Stores DETAILS Tips
  9. Challenges and Mistakes -Underestimating the challenge 
 - Not planning

 - Short term thinking 
 - Not doing research -RtoL and LtoR -Maintenance -Cost - Localization is Very Expensive 
 - Translate 
 - Maintain 
 - Difficult to Withdraw Support DETAILS Challenges
  10. Most Companies -Stick to your primary language: Maintenance and scale

    overheads are not worth it -Eg: Stick to English for international distribution -If you translate, stick to in-app labels, play/app store presence and description -Stick to LtoR or RtoL -User Feedback and Testing DETAILS Guidance
  11. Small to Medium Companies - Figure out your market size,

    acquisition/ marketing strategy, finances, challenges before going with another language - Estimate the up front and maintenance cost and ROI - Choose 1 - 2 languages max before doing more - Focus on each launch, user-base (engagement/retention) - Cap it at 5 or less wherever possible -Localise name/app-store-presence -Test Often DETAILS Guidance
  12. Larger Companies -Companies like Notion/Cisco/Google can afford to do more

    than 5 -Can Do User generated content + moderation like Sharechat/Instagram -Challenge: Feedback on quality, moderation, scale -Challenge: Tests DETAILS Introduction Guidance
  13. Effective Localization Strategies 
 For Your Mobile App 01 Introduction

    Our Background 
 What People Think It is? 
 What It Actually Is? 02 Localization Specifics Standards 
 Play/App Store 
 Engineering and Libraries 
 Product Design and Data 
 Other Considerations 03 What Should You Do? Challenges/Mistakes 
 Most People 
 Small - Medium Companies 
 Large Companies Summary
  14. More From Triveous Product Research - Get to know your

    users, market and the ecosystem 
 - Understand user needs, jobs-to-be- done, market opportunities 01. Product Audit - Find out how your existing product is performing 
 - Get Users to evaluate your product 
 - Benchmark against competitors 02. Product Design - Design Entire Products and Features 
 - Improve Metrics 03. Email [email protected] 
 https://triveous.com/ Social https://www.linkedin.com/in/sohammondal/ 
 https://twitter.com/s0h4m Deck and Case Study http://triveo.us/effectivelocalization 
 Links Triveous The End