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Soham Mondal
May 31, 2022


Soham Mondal

May 31, 2022


  1. Designing Products For Novice Internet Users: 
 Opportunities & Problems

    By Soham Mondal from Triveous
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  3. https://triveous.substack.com

  4. Presentation Agenda Agenda Introduction 
 New Internet Users 

    Internet Users 
 Why should you care? 1 Problems: Getting Started 
 Accounts 2 Problems: Content 
 Language 4 Problems: Usage 
 Navigation 3 Problems: Commerce 
 Transactions 5 Problems: Data 
 Data and Connectivity 6
  5. I’m Soham Mondal Founding Partner, Triveous 
 Lead Anchor Mentor

    @ Google For Startups Soham is the Founding Partner at Triveous and brings over 13 years of experience in building and servicing products across like finance, entertainment, education among others. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sohammondal/ 
 https://twitter.com/s0h4m About Associations
  6. https://digitalconfidence.design/

  7. https://digitalconfidence.design/about

  8. https://digitalconfidence.design/about

  9. Who are “Novice Internet Users”? Why Should You Care

  10. New Internet User 
 Next Billion Users ( NBU )

  11. https://media.bain.com/next-billion-internet-users

  12. https://media.bain.com/next-billion-internet-users

  13. New vs Novice 
 Internet Users Intro

  14. New vs Novice Internet Users With the term “New” Internet

    User, we often associate a hypothetical timeline to these users when they will graduate to experienced people Don’t see the internet as a useful way to advance their key needs and aspirations They don’t get the power of the internet 01. Don’t have the right digital literacy or confidence to realise its benefits They don’t have the right skills or confidence to utilise the power of the inetnet 02. Impact
  15. “Talking is easy, typing is hard.” - Mamta from Jaipur,

    India Mamta just got her first smartphone, and she loves watching videos on YouTube to discover recipes, learn stitching techniques, and listen to her favourite Bollywood ( Indian Movies) songs. Phone Her phone, a Samsung J2 with a cracked screen, was passed down to her by a family member. 01. Voice Interaction Typing is difficult, so she finds it easier to use voice when looking for videos. It doesn't always go as intended though. When using her phone outside in a loud environment and it simply doesn’t understand her. She blames herself when it doesn’t work. 02. https://digitalconfidence.design/opportunities
  16. Being able to send customers photos of my projects has

    transformed my business 
 - Elijah from Kampala, Uganda Elijah is a metalworker who builds fences, bedposts, and furniture. He uses WhatsApp to close deals with customers and share progress as he works on a project. Despite Elijah's low English literacy, he keeps it as the primary language on his phone because according to him, "technology is supposed to be in English." This makes it nearly impossible for him to read the words on the screen. He’s able to run his business by memorising where all of the important WhatsApp features are and texting photographs back and forth with his customers. https://digitalconfidence.design/opportunities
  17. Why Should You Care? Intro

  18. Why Should You Care? Expand Your Existing Market - Target

    people in your existing market that lack the digital literacy or confidence 01. Reach out to newer Markets - Target newer markets where people are coming online for the first time 02. Increase Metrics - Make the experience better for existing users 03. Why
  19. Problems Faced by Novice Internet Users Deep Dive Into The

  20. Getting Started Problems Faced By Novice Internet Users

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  33. Usage Problems Faced By Novice Internet Users

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  46. Content Problems Faced By Novice Internet Users

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  50. Illustrations, Imagery and Iconography

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  55. Transactions Problems Faced By Novice Internet Users

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  60. Data and Connectivity Problems Faced By Novice Internet Users

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  65. https://triveous.substack.com Designing Products For Novice Internet Users: Solutions Coming up

  66. More From Triveous Product Research - Get to know your

    users, market and the ecosystem 
 - Understand user needs, jobs-to-be- done, market opportunities 01. Product Audit - Find out how your existing product is performing 
 - Get Users to evaluate your product 
 - Benchmark against competitors 02. Product Design - Design Entire Products and Features 
 - Improve Metrics 03. Email soham@triveous.com 
 https://triveous.com/ Social https://www.linkedin.com/in/sohammondal/ 
 https://twitter.com/s0h4m Deck and Case Study https://triveous.substack.com 
 Links Triveous The End