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20220723 CLS 3. Class 9. Do Well 4. Timeline Coaching

20220723 CLS 3. Class 9. Do Well 4. Timeline Coaching



July 19, 2022

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  1. 天寶人香億萬里 1

  2. 天寶人香億萬里 2 Timeline Coaching - Walking on the Timeline Cheonbo

    leadership brings out the ability to achieve one's future centered on one's true heart.
  3. 天寶人香億萬里 3 - Draw a Line on Paper or on

    the Floor Timeline Coaching
  4. 天寶人香億萬里 4 - Finding One’s Positions Have the Client Stand

    on their Current Position Where is your current position? Where is the future position in which your wishes will come true? When do you want to achieve your goal? How far in the future is it? You've accomplished your goal wonderfully. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the achievement of reaching your goal. Have the Client Walk to the Future Spot on the Timeline Identifying & Standing on the Future Timeline Spot Timeline Coaching
  5. 天寶人香億萬里 5 - Visualization What are you doing with your

    trinity right now? Where are you on the timeline? Who are you with? What kind of sound do you hear? How does your body feel? Feel the best feeling, anchoring it. Check the desired state; the state, and the place. Confirm the Desired Future Outcome. Timeline Coaching What is your condition? Past Present Future
  6. 天寶人香億萬里 6 - Inspiring, Anchoring How do you see yourself

    since having achieved your Trinity? Look into the past. When was the most difficult time? Then, go to the place where you overcame it. What changes happened at that time? Objective Self-Contemplation, Go to the most difficult place and stand in that spot. What were you like back then? Timeline Coaching
  7. 天寶人香億萬里 7 - Resourceful What did you do right before

    your success? How did you create the environment? Did you have a spiritual basis? (Spiritual level) Check the Evidence What actions of your own made it possible to to realize it? What were your beliefs? (Levels of their belief) Timeline Coaching
  8. 天寶人香億萬里 8 - From the Present to the Future ‘Now,

    let's slowly walk back to the place where you succeeded. As you walk, tell me anything that comes to your mind about your success.’ The coach confirms the client’s success. How are you feeling now? You have already achieved your will. Please express yourself. What does your success look like? If the client is hesitant or uncertain with his answers while on the timeline, the coach can start the timeline coaching again by having the client go back to the past and step on the line between the present and the future. What kind of help will you need from your coach in the future? Please tell me your reflection on this experience. Timeline Coaching