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Traffic Control - Managing Egress with Istio

Traffic Control - Managing Egress with Istio

This educational video series will walk you through various application networking challenges, how we have traditionally solved them, service mesh networking concepts to solve them for microservices, and show you how to do it through live demonstration.

The first installment features Christian Posta and Sandeep Parik diving into how to manage egress traffic with Istio.

Watch the video https://youtu.be/hjTLSaK4PH8

Learn more about the technologies used in this video
Istio https://istio.io/
Google Cloud https://cloud.google.com/
Service Mesh Hub http://servicemeshhub.io
Solo.io https://www.solo.io/


July 25, 2019

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  1. Managing Egress using Istio Christian Posta | @christianposta | Solo.io

    Sandeep Parikh | @crcsmnky | Google Cloud
  2. What we’ll cover Challenge Examples Solutions Demo What’s new Questions

  3. Challenge

  4. Stable outbound origin for egress traffic

  5. Why? For many deployments that communicate with external services, those

    outbound communications need to originate from a known source.
  6. Why? This can be for exfiltration or infiltration monitoring, or

    compliance reasons.
  7. Why? Examples could include downstream APIs or systems that require

    whitelisting, or PCI compliant deployments, where outbound traffic must come from a stable origin.
  8. Example deployment

  9. Deployment

  10. All outbound traffic must originate from a stable IP Secure

    application sits behind a firewall IP must be whitelisted in firewall configuration Requirements
  11. Solutions

  12. VM-based NAT Pro Stable outbound IP Con VM management Coarse-grained

    traffic controls
  13. Managed NAT Pro Stable outbound IP Con Coarse-grained traffic controls

  14. External Proxy Pro Stable outbound IP Protocol controls Con VM

    and proxy management Coarse-grained traffic controls
  15. Internal Proxy Pro Stable outbound IP Protocol controls Con Deployment

    management Lack of control plane
  16. What about a cluster-native solution?

  17. kube-static-egress-ip Pro Runs as DaemonSet Con Alpha Single node for

    egress github.com/nirmata/kube-static-egress-ip
  18. Say hello to istio-egressgateway Ingress Controller

  19. Accessing external service Using ServiceEntry, add the external service to

    the Kubernetes service registry apiVersion: networking.istio.io/v1alpha3 kind: ServiceEntry metadata: name: se-httpbin-egress spec: hosts: - httpbin.gcp.external addresses: - ports: - number: 80 name: http-port protocol: TCP resolution: STATIC location: MESH_EXTERNAL endpoints: - address: exportTo: ["."]
  20. Configuring egressgateway Create a DestinationRule and Gateway that allows traffic

    from the mesh to the external service apiVersion: networking.istio.io/v1alpha3 kind: DestinationRule metadata: name: dr-httpbin-egress spec: host: istio-egressgateway.istio-system subsets: - name: httpbin --- apiVersion: networking.istio.io/v1alpha3 kind: Gateway metadata: name: gw-httpbin-egress spec: selector: istio: egressgateway servers: - port: number: 80 name: http protocol: HTTP hosts: - httpbin.gcp.external
  21. Directing traffic Mesh-internal traffic for external service goes to egress

    gateway. Traffic from gateway goes to external service. apiVersion: networking.istio.io/v1alpha3 kind: VirtualService metadata: name: vs-httpbin-egress spec: hosts: - httpbin.gcp.external gateways: - gw-httpbin-egress - mesh http: - match: - gateways: - mesh port: 80 route: - destination: host: istio-egressgateway.istio-system subset: httpbin port: number: 80 weight: 100 - match: - gateways: - gw-httpbin-egress port: 80 route: - destination: host: httpbin.gcp.external port: number: 80 weight: 100
  22. Istio-enabled Deployment

  23. Demo

  24. Enforcing egress control $ kubectl label ns istio-system istio=system $

    kubectl label ns kube-system kube-system=true $ cat <<EOF | kubectl apply -f - apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1 kind: NetworkPolicy metadata: name: egress-istio-system-and-kube-dns-only spec: podSelector: {} policyTypes: - Egress egress: - to: - namespaceSelector: matchLabels: kube-system: "true" ports: - protocol: UDP port: 53 - to: - namespaceSelector: matchLabels: istio: system EOF Kubernetes NetworkPolicy prevents bypassing Istio’s egress gateway
  25. Capturing external hosts dns-discovery automatically detects egress traffic and creates

    ServiceEntry objects. github.com/istio-ecosystem/dns-discovery
  26. What’s New

  27. Istio 1.2 46 improvements 297 commits 78 contributors Full release

    notes Released 2019-06-18
  28. Istio 1.2 highlights Investing in build, test, and release machinery

    New subteams: Github Workflow, Source Organization, Testing Methodology, Build & Release Automation Theme of this release is predictability Quality of releases Timing of releases Build, Test, Release New Features Global log levels for data and control planes Validate Kubernetes environment using istioctl Annotate services with traffic.sidecar.istio.io/includeOutboundPorts and eliminate need for containerPort Release Predictability
  29. Istio 1.2 highlights Beta → Stable SNI with ingress Distributed

    tracing Service tracing Alpha → Beta Cert mgmt on ingress Config resource validation Config processing with Galley
  30. Added traffic.sidecar.istio.io/includeInboundPorts annotation to eliminate the need for service owner

    to declare containerPort in the deployment yaml file. This will become the default in a future release. Improved locality based routing in multi-cluster environments. Improved outbound traffic policy in ALLOW_ANY mode. Traffic for unknown HTTP/HTTPS hosts on an existing port will be forwarded as is. Unknown traffic will be logged in Envoy access logs. Istio 1.2 for Traffic Management Added support for setting HTTP idle timeouts to upstream services. Improved Sidecar support for NONE mode (without iptables) . Added ability to configure the DNS refresh rate for sidecar Envoys, to reduce the load on the DNS servers. Graduated Sidecar API from Alpha to Alpha API and Beta runtime.
  31. Thank You! Questions or Comments? Find us @christianposta and @crcsmnky

    Learn More • Istio istio.io • Google Cloud cloud.google.com • Solo.io www.solo.io • Gloo gloo.solo.io • Service Mesh Hub servicemeshhub.io Demo • github.com/crcsmnky/istio-egress-gateway