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Protecting Applications with L4 and L7 Network Encryption for TLS/mTLS

Protecting Applications with L4 and L7 Network Encryption for TLS/mTLS

API Gateways act as a control point for accessing backend application services by external clients and end users. Depending on the request path and the service the client is connecting to, organizations may want to secure it by encrypting the communications.

Gloo is a next generation API Gateway and Kubernetes Ingress controller that connects, manages and secures the request and response traffic from external users to a broad portfolio of backend applications including; monoliths, microservices and serverless. Built using Envoy as the edge proxy in the gateway, Gloo supports L4 and L7 layer traffic to enable TLS and mTLS encryption for your ingress traffic.

Watch the video https://youtu.be/9LlBvSwiFg8
Tutorials https://github.com/solo-io/gloo-ref-arch/tree/master/webinars/encryption
About Gloo https://solo.io/products/gloo
Questions? https://slack.solo.io


July 30, 2020

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  1. 2 | Copyright © 2020 Secure Networks, Safer Applications Challenge

    Backend applications are often exposed as APIs accessible by external clients and end users. This creates a potential attack vendor reaching inside the firewall. Solution Encrypt incoming traffic from external clients over TLS/HTTPS and mTLS with specific clients through the API / edge gateway.
  2. 3 | Copyright © 2020 Gloo API Gateway and Ingress

    Controller ENVOY CONFIG CONTROL PLANE DATA PLANE END USERS Service 1 Service 2 Next Generation API Gateway • Built with Envoy Proxy • Kubernetes and Consul Native • Monolith, Microservices and Serverless Functions • Lightweight, performant, secure Service 3
  3. 5 | Copyright © 2020 TLS and mTLS in Gloo

    API Gateway TLS Termination TLS Origination TLS Passthrough mTLS with Upstream Server Already Serving TLS mTLS with Service Mesh
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