Digital Altruism

Digital Altruism

Presentation about the experience building a virtual community based on Altruism


Sorey García

March 29, 2012


  1. Digital Lessons learned “All images used here belong to Microsoft

    Office Online”
  2. The Web as a concept, changes the way you see

    the world
  3. people see other people without “boundaries” (geographical or mental)

  4. On Internet, people help others without expecting anything in return

    chats twitter blogs
  5. “us” and others around the world Here, friends that are

  6. …so, like others, we had

  7. Our dream was “to focus” some of those efforts

  8. and build a space, where anyone could bring everything

  9. twitter blogs But not just like these …instead using them

    to build the dream
  10. The idea Networking Opportunities Knowledge Management “Academy” Lovers

  11. People said

  12. None
  13. Well, in theory, it sounded easy, in practice, it wasn’t

  14. There was a problem (or some) a problem

  15. None
  16. What are the resources…

  17. However, we began to walk

  18. set A good one Our was

  19. We worked

  20. We searched on the network Nice People

  21. Sometimes it felt

  22. But, we waited…

  23. None
  24. and waited!

  25. It wasn’t like we

  26. It’s not easy to focalize people with dreams or w

    without some changes long term
  27. Nobody said it would be easy

  28. Digital altruism needs patience The first lesson was

  29. people need something more The second lesson was

  30. No, we’re not talking about money We didn’t change our

  31. We are talking about Acknowledgement

  32. A lot of things have during this time happened

  33. Now we want what we have learned to share

  34. If you have an idea…

  35. …or if you want to participate in one

  36. commitments Assume realistic Only what you can reach

  37. Search for a good

  38. A team that shares your Dreams

  39. A team that truly assumes real and realistic commitments!

  40. Search other ideas like yours

  41. Share your ideas with others and listen to

  42. Give acknowledgement to those that you help

  43. to those that support you Support

  44. … and maybe a little more of

  45. Work hard without

  46. Being in love with your dream

  47. Keep your

  48. None
  49. “dreaming” never …and

  50. but above all, never stop

  51. Never!

  52. We still “believe”

  53. Author Sorey Bibiana García Zapata Dedicated to Avanet’s friends

    and collaborators