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Good Web Design Practices

Good Web Design Practices

A short 10-min talk that summarises important practices in web design that often get overlooked.

Souvik Das Gupta

November 09, 2013

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  1. Good Web Design Practices

  2. @souvikdg

  3. Miranj

  4. What’s design?

  5. What’s design?

  6. Assertions

  7. Design helps solve a problem.

  8. A problem can have more than one solution.

  9. A solution can have multiple layers of design.

  10. Typically web design concerns the interface and the interaction.

  11. Interface is not just “looks”.

  12. Practice 1

  13. Start with defining problems without being biased by existing solutions.

  14. Practice 2

  15. Design should lead backend implementation.

  16. Practice 3

  17. Design should happen in the same medium as the final

  18. Design in the browser.

  19. “ Real web designers write code. Always have, always will.

    Jeffrey Zeldman
  20. “…You don’t do code to the level of say, Ethan

    Marcotte, but you do need to know what’s possible with markup and CSS. Jeremy Keith
  21. Practice 4

  22. Embrace progressive enhancement.

  23. Web technologies are designed to exploit the Rule of Least

  24. When an elevator fails, it’s useless. When an escalator fails,

    it becomes stairs. Build escalators, not elevators.
  25. Thank You