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What’s Your Web?

What’s Your Web?

The web’s built on an open protocol, and was always meant to be an inclusive network. As web designers we’re not willing to compromise the experience on the desktop but that often doesn’t hold true for mobiles. In turn this affects millions whose window to the web are these devices in their pockets — almost treating them as second class citizens. This talk points out that our bias will soon turn into a massive problem as the next billion people get on the web.

Souvik Das Gupta

April 16, 2015

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  1. @nixxin 2012 when will conferences go beyond pitches and stating

    the obvious? ffs,"mobile web usage in increasing" is not insightful,even if you have data “
  2. Web of trust for all on everything W3C Mission for

    rich interaction of data and services
  3. Poorest 10% Richest 10% In India, the richest 10% own

    74% of total wealth Source: India’s staggering wealth gap in five charts — The Hindu
  4. Average Net Connection Speeds USA Global India India (Mobile) 11.5mbps

    4.5mbps 2.0mbps 1.7mbps Source: Digital, Social & Mobile in 2015
  5. Jan 2013 1284kb Jan 2014 1682kb Jan 2015 Apr 2015

    1931kb 1950kb Average Page Weight Source: HTTP Archive
  6. In 2013, UC Browser became the most popular browser in

    India. Today its share is 32%. Source: StatCounter
  7. m.icicibank.com We have ensured that key services are available to

    you on the mobile website. For other services, please continue to desktop login. “
  8. mobiForge Global Mobile Statistics 2014 In many developing nations, the

    majority of mobile web users are mobile-only, highest include Egypt at 70 percent and India at 59 percent. “
  9. mobiForge Global Mobile Statistics 2014 Many mobile-only web users do

    not have a bank account, in India this is 57 percent of the mobile-only. “
  10. W3C Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 One Web means making,

    as far as is reasonable, the same information and services available to users irrespective of the device they are using. “
  11. W3C Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 …while services may be

    most appropriately experienced in one context or another, it is considered best practice to provide as reasonable experience as is possible given device limitations and not to exclude access from any particular class of device, except where this is necessary because of device limitations. “
  12. A compromised mobile web experience will affect far more number

    of people than a compromised laptop / desktop experience…
  13. …and would go against the vision, the mission, the values

    and the guiding principles that make the web
  14. The promise of the web — @dpup …if the web

    didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent it. “