Modular Architecture for Building Content Websites

F94f921203292a9ef700807e9cd5061f?s=47 Souvik Das Gupta
September 28, 2018

Modular Architecture for Building Content Websites

Craft is great at not making any assumptions about your content. It puts a bit more onus on you but in turn enables you to create a unique, hand-crafted information architecture for your website. However, the entire exercise from content modelling to templating can get daunting when working with a large content website. This talk will simplify the exercise by suggesting an approach that is loosely based on the OOUX methodology while keeping reuse and scale in mind. We’ll walk through the process right from identifying content objects to abstracting reusable patterns and finally organising Twig templates in Craft.

Presented at Dot All 2018 (Berlin):


Souvik Das Gupta

September 28, 2018