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Introduction into the Elastic Stack

Introduction into the Elastic Stack

A quick overview over the Elastic Stack before diving into practical aspects using the docker images.

Alexander Reelsen

June 21, 2017

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  1. Kibana Window into the Elastic Stack Visualize and analyze Geospatial

    Customize and Share Reports Graph Exploration UX to secure and manage the Elastic Stack Build Custom Apps
  2. Beats Lightweight data shippers Ship data from the source Ship

    and centralize in Elasticsearch Ship to Logstash for transformation and parsing Ship to Elastic Cloud Libbeat: API framework to build custom beats 30+ community Beats
  3. Beats 10 Packetbeat Network data Filebeat Log files Winlogbeat Windows

    Event Logs Heartbeat Uptime monitoring +40 community Beats Metricbeat Metrics
  4. Logstash Data processing pipeline Ingest data of all shapes, sizes,

    and sources Parse and dynamically transform data Transport data to any output Secure and encrypt data inputs Build your own pipeline More than 200+ plugins
  5. ES-Hadoop Elasticsearch for Hadoop Two-way connector Index Hadoop data in

    Elasticsearch Enable real-time search capabilities Visualize HDFS data in Kibana Read/Write directly to/from Kafka Support for Spark, Storm MapReduce, and more
  6. Elastic Cloud Enterprise Provision and manage multiple Elastic Stack environments;

    Expose logging as a service to your entire organization
  7. X-pack X-pack Nodes (X) Logstash Messaging Queue Kafka Redis RabbitMQ

    Elasticsearch Master Nodes (3) Data Nodes - Warm (X) Instances (X) Kibana Custom UI Datastore Web APIs Social Sensors Log Files Beats Metrics Wire Data your{beat} Hadoop Ecosystem ES-Hadoop Ingest Nodes (X) Data Nodes - Hot (X) Authentication Notification LDAP AD SSO