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3 ways to get better job recommendations with StartWire!

3 ways to get better job recommendations with StartWire!

StartWire is more than a job search organizer...it's a job search optimizer. Learn how you can use the power of StartWire to find unbelievable job opportunities.



August 16, 2012


  1. Ways to get better job recommendations with StartWire. 3

  2. 1 Tell us where you’ve applied. By tracking your applications

    with StartWire, we learn the type of jobs you like and our matching engine works overtime to find the perfect match! Here are 4 ways to track your applications in StartWire.
  3. 1. Forward your ‘Thanks for applying’ emails to apps@startwire.com. We’ll

    automatically pull job title, company name, and application date from the email. We then automatically create an application record in StartWire.
  4. 2. On the Home Page, type in the position title

    + company name of jobs you’ve applied to.
  5. 3. On the Activity Tab, track one or multiple job

  6. 4. On any job listing, click Save this job to

    easily specify that you’ve applied for this position and want StartWire to track your progress.
  7. 2 Include only job titles with a specific keyword.

  8. Specify keywords to focus your job search. For example, only

    job listings with “Benefits” in the title will appear.
  9. 3 Update your StartWire profile. The more you tell us

    about yourself, the better our job matches become!
  10. 1. To update your profile, hover over your Name, then

    click on Profile.
  11. 3. Customize keywords you’d like to see in your job

    listing results. 2. Select function and target job title.
  12. 4. Get the best result possible by choosing words to

    include or omit from the job description or job title.
  13. 5. Click on Save Changes and… you’re on your way

    to receiving more accurate job recommendations!
  14. ! Need more help? Click on the tab at the

    bottom of every StartWire page.