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Advertising on StartWire

September 17, 2012

Advertising on StartWire

Are you interested in advertising to extremely qualified job seekers? If so, StartWire's revolutionary ad serving technology ensures your jobs are only seen by job seekers who are qualified for your jobs or offers. Sound too good to be true? It isn't...and our performance is guaranteed. Learn more by contacting Lynn Stewart @ 724-814-6605 or [email protected].


September 17, 2012

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  1. America’s  #1  job  search  organizer.   2   FREE,  members

     only  job   organizer.  500,000+   users  and  growing   rapidly.       Innova;ve  ‘black  hole’   technology  that  allows   job  seekers  to  get   updates  on  their   applica>ons  and  manager   their  job  search.     Rave  reviews  and   coverage  in  Wall  Street   Journal,  Mashable,   TechCrunch,  CNN,  US   News  &  World  Report.   Industry  leading  user   engagement.    
  2. Qualified  job  seekers…guaranteed.   StartWire’s  ad  serving  technology  ensure  your

     jobs  are  ONLY  promoted  to  candidates  that  match  your  basic   qualifica;ons.  We  can  target  your  ads  by  level,  func>on,  geography,  educa>on,  salary,  and  resume  keyword.    In  fact,   we  guarantee  all  StartWire  applicants  meet  your  basic  qualifica>ons.  
  3. 5   We  get  paid  when  we  deliver  a  

    qualified  applicant  to  recrui;ng   funnel  or  job  board.       We  charge  by  the  candidate,  not  the  click.   We  set  a  price    for  each  qualified,  NEW  candidate  we  deliver  to  your  recrui>ng  funnel  or  job  boards.    You  control  the   daily  or  monthly  budget  and  are  guaranteed  an  appropriate  ROI.      
  4. Why  StartWire?   •  We’re  growing…fast!  Top  ranked  career  site;

     500K +users  and  growing  fast  every  month.     •  We  deliver  only  qualified  candidates.  Your  jobs  are   shown  only  to  users  that  meet  the  job  criteria   •  Our  ROI  is  guaranteed.  Cost  per  applicant  (CPA)–   you  only  pay  for  qualified,  interested  and  unique   applicants  –  guaranteed.   •  No  contracts.  Total  control  of  your  budget.  There   are  no  long  term  contracts  and  you  have  total   control  daily  and/or  monthly  budget.           Interested  in  trying  StartWire?     Try  StartWire  for  60  days.  Define   a  profile  and  set  a  budget.     Integra>ons  are  painless  and   take  less  than  1  week  to   complete.