1:1 with customers – a troubled approach, with a happy end

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April 15, 2018

1:1 with customers – a troubled approach, with a happy end

When providing pre- and post-sales support to customers, moving from an email-only mode to 1:1 (video) chat can be quite daunting.
The reassuring, safe bubble of the white email textbox is replaced by the unpredictable live interaction with another human: you never know how they *will* react to your input, and how *you* will react to theirs.

In this talk I’ll share the troubles I’ve faced when asked to host 1:1 chats with Jetpack paid clients on a regular basis. The journey was full of uncertainties, and I questioned myself as a Happiness Engineer. Eventually, it helped me overcome my fears and get the best out of the products I provide support for.

Starting with the pain points of a product, this talk offers a different perspective on face-to-face interactions and pre/post-sales opportunities with potential and/or ongoing clients. This talk is for anyone interested in how to leverage customer service to increase customer loyalty and happiness.



April 15, 2018