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Don't lose your steam! How to deal with unhappy customers.

May 13, 2017

Don't lose your steam! How to deal with unhappy customers.

No matter if your product, business plans or plugin is functional and well crafted: there comes a time where a user or client knocks at your door, and they aren’t happy at all with you.
Supporting users is not an easy job, not to mention when they’re angry or upset, and this can affect your emotional and professional balance. In this talk I’m going to share some useful tips and tricks I deploy when dealing with upset customers, to turn them into a potential happy users. I’ll also share my advice on how to maintain an assertive and positive attitude when things go south.
This talk aims to all the people who can possibly interact with users and are looking to fine-tune their customer support skills


May 13, 2017

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  2. Don’t lose your steam! How to deal with unhappy customers

    Stef Mattana @stefmattana @eraniapinnera
  3. You have been an angry customer Yes, I know you

  4. Abusive customers are rare Despite the higher volume of enquiries

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  6. What happens in a human mind while dealing with an

    angry person?
  7. #1 Body reactions

  8. Catecholamines are released heart rate accelerates blood pressure raises rate

    of breathing increases
  9. #2 Ready to fight

  10. Your attention narrows Soon you can pay attention to your

    target only
  11. #3 Mistakes are around the corner

  12. If the amygdala handles the emotion, the prefrontal cortex handles

    judgment. (lack of) judgment
  13. What happens in your head while dealing with an angry

  14. You get upset too #1 Body reactions You’re discouraged You

    get passive aggressive
  15. You’re willing to NOT reply #2 Ready to fight Ditch

    the ticket Mock the user
  16. Hurried reply #3 Mistakes are around the corner Rude tone

    of voice Forgotten ticket
  17. Emotions play a big part when dealing with abusive users

  18. Control that feeling

  19. Define the background of the anger

  20. what? when? why?

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  22. Shut down your brain Recharge your batteries

  23. No work Yes break

  24. Don’t take it personally but be personal

  25. Skip the arguments

  26. A lot of back and forth? Get your back covered

  27. Don’t let the users feel alone or abandoned when you’re

    sorting out an issue.
  28. Offer a solution

  29. Refund is not a waste of money your branding will

    thank you later
  30. Make them part of the solution not of the problem

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  32. Try to use positive words

  33. Don’t be apologetic

  34. Educate them Empower the users

  35. Be patient when language barrier happen

  36. Zero tolerance towards abusive users

  37. Don’t be apologetic

  38. Prefer written channels vs phone The user You less impulsive

    more time to think go back and re-read = educate ease down the sense of urgency
  39. Smile when you can it works! paw patrol

  40. Smile when you can it works! paw patrol

  41. Learn from user’s anger

  42. Documentation is important!

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  45. A change of voice sometimes can help

  46. What not to do apart from losing your steam

  47. Never ask for a good review once the user is

    happy again
  48. “we messed up your site, but we fixed it, so

    you owe us a feedback”
  49. “we messed up your site, but we fixed it, so

    you owe us a feedback”
  50. Angry—>happy users more keen on leaving good feedback organically

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  52. A note on the tools

  53. Create a system where users can rate your CS

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  56. Make it easy to find a way to write to

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  58. Adjust your tone of voice depending on the channels you

  59. Leave notes Especially when working in a team

  60. Many tickets? Oldest > Newest Sort by urgency Triage them!

  61. Feedback replies: agnosticism or keeping their own?

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  63. Use smart tools Alfred app TextExpander

  64. Bullet points FTW

  65. Look at the bright side

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  67. Thanks for listening! Questions? But don’t scream at me! Stef

    Mattana @stefmattana @eraniapinnera