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DevOps Traction

DevOps Traction

Why is nothing you try working? What can you do in your legacy, siloed org? What can you do to actually make some progress?

Steve Pereira

July 17, 2015

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  1. Do you know your company mission statement? Do you know

    your bosses key performance indicators? @steveElsewhere
  2. Beware DevOps @steveElsewhere Target your messaging, address incrementally: continuous integration

    team onboarding deployment automation chatops centralized logging
  3. Whiteboard / Post-it notes - map your value stream, try

    out kanban or just for visualization Slack - no installation, no client, no money to build your guild StriderCD - npm installable CI server Vagrant/Boot2Docker - test infrastructure hypotheses, give staff a simple starting point Ansible - validate infrastructure, know your systems - agentless, use your own account @steveElsewhere