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Time For What's Next

Time For What's Next

How can you make time for real innovation and improvement? How do you know what to automate or invest in? How do you escape process prison? How can you get everyone aligned to make a difference?

This talk introduces the one technique I’ve always returned to when I need to drastically improve teams I’ve joined and led over my 20+ year career in tech. You can use it right away to understand, communicate and improve your work, team or organization - whether you’re a leader or new recruit.

Lean Value Stream Mapping (LVSM) is a software and tech focused version of a classic technique you can use right now, with materials you already have to discover opportunities, build and share your vision and save hours of toil every week so you can invest in what’s next.

Sprinkle it on your:
- Delivery/Data/Testing/Analytics/Logging Pipeline
- Developer/Customer Onboarding
- Environment Provisioning
- Failure Recovery/Incident Management/Support Triage
- Toil/Process of choice, you get it :)
…and start spending more time on what’s next

I’ve come to love and use Value Stream Maps after years of struggling to find time for innovation, rally buy-in and communicate ideas, issues and risks. They’ve helped me many times go from tearing my hair out (and I have the baldness to prove it!) to knowing exactly how to level up.

I’ll cover:
- Why Value Stream Mapping is valuable, easy and important
- What makes up an LVSM
- How to run an LVSM session
- How to use an LVSM to dramatically improve
- Results and ROI

Presented at the Toronto CTO Group

Steve Pereira

August 13, 2019

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  6. @steveElsewhere

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  7. Jest / CI / CD / K8s / AI
    Calls / Emails
    Sick Days, etc
    Toil, Waste, Approvals,
    Consensus, Delays

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  8. 7x Improvement
    Focusing on process vs tools

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  9. Common Process Issues
    ● Missing ownership
    ● Single points of failure
    ● Emails/Calls/Meetings
    ● Manual steps
    ● Missing parallelization

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  10. Value Stream Mapping

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  13. Why Value Stream Map

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  18. ● Unify tools
    ● Establish ownership + backup
    ● Share early
    ● Communicate goals (so that)
    ● Prequalify work
    ● Pull vs push
    ● Automate decisions

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  19. 20% Improvement
    Just by creating the current state map

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  23. What Will you Do With
    The Time You Save?

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  24. I’d love to chat about
    giving your teams a boost
    More at vzbl.io

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