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Time For What's Next - TOAgile2019 - Steve Pereira

4fe11dd39e16a687cc15ea45d2fbb829?s=47 Steve Pereira
November 05, 2019

Time For What's Next - TOAgile2019 - Steve Pereira

How can you make time for real innovation and improvement? How do you know what to automate or invest in? How do you escape process prison? How can you get everyone aligned to make a difference? How can you start to drive revenue from cost?

This talk introduces the one technique I’ve always returned to when I need to answer those questions and drastically improve teams I’ve joined and led. You can use it right away to understand, communicate and improve your work, team or organization - whether you’re a leader or new recruit.

Lean Value Stream Mapping (LVSM) is a software and tech focused version of a classic technique you can use right now, with materials you already have to discover opportunities, build and share your vision and save hours of toil every week so you can invest in what’s next.

Sprinkle it on your:
- Delivery/Data/Testing/Analytics/Logging Pipeline
- Developer/Customer Onboarding
- Environment Provisioning
- Failure Recovery/Incident Management/Support Triage
- Toil/Process of choice, you get it :)
…and start spending more time on what’s next

I’ve come to love and use Value Stream Maps after years of struggling to find time for innovation, rally buy-in and communicate ideas, issues and risks. They’ve helped me many times go from tearing my hair out (and I have the baldness to prove it!) to knowing exactly how to level up.


Steve Pereira

November 05, 2019

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  1. @steveElsewhere Time For What’s Next

  2. Showering, how long does it take you? Ten minutes. -

    Let me smell you. @steveElsewhere
  3. 70% Wasted $1.3 Trillion Spent on Transformation in 2018 +

    morale + trust + jobs @steveElsewhere
  4. 20 years ago: ! Support tech ! Hates phone calls

    ! 60% of calls gone via
 process improvement ! Still recovering from 
 phone-phobia Steve: Origins @steveElsewhere
  5. Agenda ! Value Stream Thinking ! Common Issues ! Value

    Stream Mapping ◦ Current State ◦ Future State ! Common Improvements ! Q&A
  6. Dev + Ops release + cycle time alignment + collaboration

  7. @steveElsewhere Everyone Micro Optimization Macro Issue

  8. Less Waste, Not More Tools Automation, Integrations Handoffs Calls /

    Emails Approvals Meetings Vacation Sick Days, etc Time Spent Toil, Waste, Approvals, Consensus, Delays Tools @steveElsewhere
  9. 7x Improvement Focusing on process vs tools @steveElsewhere

  10. @johncutlefish 15% Working Time Spent Waiting Start Customer Value Time

    Spent Working
  11. @johncutlefish

  12. @johncutlefish

  13. Common Process Issues Start? ? Late Night Pushes Finger Pointing

    False Starts Sick Days Unproductive meetings Security Gate Miscommunication ? Next sprint... Handoff? Rework @steveElsewhere
  14. Common Process Issues • No shared visibility • Missing ownership

    • Single points of failure • Emails/Calls/Meetings • Manual steps • Serial steps @steveElsewhere
  15. Value Flow 
 Sustainability Delivery Value Stream Thinking

    Velocity Quality Value Stream Thinking @steveElsewhere
  16. Value First Then process, then tools @steveElsewhere

  17. It’s not worth doing well If it shouldn’t be done

    at all @steveElsewhere
  18. Visibility Measurement Improvement Feedback Value Stream Mapping Learning Insight Value

    Stream Mapping @steveElsewhere
  19. • Align your team • Reclaim your time ! Flow

    between silos + roles ! See risks + opportunities ! Invest where it matters Stream Mapping for Flow @steveElsewhere
  20. None
  21. None
  22. Where Do We Start? The Keys to Value Stream Mapping

  23. Steps + Timing The Keys to Value Stream Mapping @steveElsewhere

  24. The Keys to Value Stream Mapping Value vs Bottlenecks Initial

    Discovery Initial Communication @steveElsewhere
  25. @steveElsewhere Now we’re working with Data!

  26. • Responsible • Accountable ! Consulted ! Informed Who? @steveElsewhere

  27. Current State Value Stream Map @steveElsewhere

  28. Current State Value Stream Map @steveElsewhere

  29. Patterns and Hot Spots @steveElsewhere

  30. 20% Improvement Just by creating a current state map @steveElsewhere

  31. What Can We Fix? @steveElsewhere

  32. What Can We Fix? ! Missing ownership ! Poor quality

    ! Single points of failure ! Unnecessary hand-offs ! Manual steps ! Coordination ! Missing parallelization @steveElsewhere
  33. What About Throwback? @steveElsewhere

  34. The Keys to Future State Creation Where Do We Go?

    @steveElsewhere ! Think Right-to-Left (Value) ! Start with a Clear Goal ! Focus on Flow ! Autonomy through Clarity ! Next 3-6 months ! Consider Capabilities
  35. Future State Value Stream Map @steveElsewhere Goal: 10x faster

  36. Future State Value Stream Map @steveElsewhere Goal: 10x faster

  37. Future State Value Stream Map Minimal Handoffs Parallel Steps @steveElsewhere

  38. How Can We Improve? ! Get someone to own the

    stream ! Owners and backups for steps ! Self-Service ! Forms for repeated interactions ! Form automation + hooks ! Decision standards ! Consolidate tooling ! Minimize handoffs @steveElsewhere
  39. What Can We Improve? ! Quality/Security/Feedback ! Incident Response !

    Ticket triage ! New hire onboarding ! Systems/App migration ! Communication flow ! Software Delivery ! Training processes ! Cost/Waste reduction ! Data security practices ! Data processing ! ? @steveElsewhere
  40. How We Improve App Release: 84x faster Production Deploy: 30x

    faster App Migration: 13x faster Customer Onboarding: 10x faster Staff Onboarding: 21x faster Project Delivery: 9x faster Months ➔ Weeks, Weeks ➔ Days, Days ➔ Hours
  41. Improvement Impact Cost: How much it costs to deliver value

    Quality: Consistency, standard of your results Velocity: How quickly you can deliver work Capacity: How much work you can handle Resources: How much time, staff, infrastructure Complexity: Cognitive load, dependency and risk @steveElsewhere
  42. A/B tests Research Value Streams Everywhere Customer onboarding Employee training

    Employee onboarding Hiring Tool evaluation Meetings Approvals Product development Customer interviews Customer interviews Incident response Data pipeline Design process Ticket triage Sales Process Marketing flow @steveElsewhere
  43. Value First Then process, then tools @steveElsewhere

  44. The Value Era Technology Driven Customer Driven Outcome Driven Value

    Driven 1950 - 1980 1980 - 2000 2000 - 2020 2020 - Productivity Driven - 1950 Work + Scale Productivity + Automation Technology + Customization Customer + Results Outcome + Sustainability @steveElsewhere
  45. ➔ Start Where You Are ➔ Share the Big Picture

    ➔ Focus on real Bottlenecks ➔ Value + Sustainability ➔ Repetition = Repeated Gain @steveElsewhere
  46. Velocity! Time! @steveElsewhere

  47. But, What Value Are You Creating with your Time? @steveElsewhere

  48. More Info: bit.ly/talkresources go@vzbl.io @steveElsewhere vzbl.io