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How to engage users with forms that don't suck

E3db7cde25732d19fc36a26a12bca469?s=47 Steve Wells
November 05, 2016

How to engage users with forms that don't suck

Learn how to improve your forms to increase conversions and better engage with users.


Steve Wells

November 05, 2016


  1. How to engage users with forms that don’t suck

  2. I am Steve Wells Co-founder and designer at Strategy11. You

    can find me at FormidablePro.com @SteveWellsJr HELLO!
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  6. FORMS Gone are the days when forms were limited to

    a simple contact form or newsletter opt-in.
  7. “ What can visitors or users do on a website?

  8. None
  9. None
  10. None
  11. None
  12. None
  13. Now, virtually all engagement on websites (aside from social sharing

    and commenting) happens via forms... and even social sharing and commenting are accomplished using... FORMS!
  14. WAY Historically, users spent their time scrolling and clicking through

    the web ONE WWW Flow of information in the past
  15. Not just browsing In 2016, the typical user wants to

    be a part of the web rather than a bystander
  16. “ Every second, approximately 6,000 tweets are tweeted; more than

    40,000 Google queries are searched; and more than 2 million emails are sent. * Internet Live Stats -- international Real Time Statistics Project.
  17. WAY As website authors, we need to take advantage of

    this two-way flow of information. TWO WWW Flow of information today
  18. WHY? Why do we need to engage our users?

  19. #torontotunnel

  20. The point is: We don’t know what goes on inside

    our users’ heads
  21. How do we find out? With forms that don’t suck!

  22. ✓ Contact ✓ Donation ✓ Order/ Payment ✓ Event registration

    Form Categories ✓ Lead generation ✓ Survey ✓ Contest
  23. “ What do you think is the lowest converting form

    category? Highest?
  24. ✓ Contact 1% ✓ Donation 7% ✓ Order/ Payment 9%

    ✓ Event registration 11% Form Categories ✓ Lead generation 11% ✓ Survey 14% ✓ Contest 35% 2015 average conversion rates across 650,000 sites studied by Formstack.com
  25. Why? W.I.F.M.

  26. Form engagement from a psychological perspective https://leadformly.com/form-optimisation-pyramid/

  27. Motivation Do I want the outcome of filling out this

    form? 1.
  28. Motivate visitors with great marketing copy. When crafting marketing copy,

    make sure W.I.F.M. is in play: ✓ in your offer ✓ in your page copy ✓ on your call to action button vs. YOU want them to submit. THEY want instant access.
  29. But great marketing copy can't overcome form field friction. 4x

    as many fields PLUS a required phone #. Better be a darn good ebook.
  30. Ability Can I fill out this form? 2.

  31. Information Does this form require specific information I might not

    have readily available? Do I have what I need to complete this form? Time Does this form take more time than I have?
  32. Information Outline any special requirements needed to complete the form.

  33. “ Increase conversion rates by allowing users to save their

    progress and return later to complete.
  34. Accessibility To maximize your form accessibility, consider these tips ✓

    Test your form with a screen reader ✓ Avoid small text ✓ Increase the contrast vs.
  35. If you are taking them on a journey, provide a

    roadmap. No sense of direction, how long it's going to take or what is going to be needed.
  36. What's needed. Roadmap provided. Ability to save and come back

  37. Peace of Mind Will anything bad happen if I fill

    out this form? 3.
  38. “ What are some "bad things" you might wonder will

    happen as you fill out a form?
  39. Address the "bad things" in the copy but frame it

    positively. Don't worry. Wait. Should I worry?
  40. Encrypt any sensitive data “I wish my website were less

    secure” -no one ever
  41. Ease Is it easy to fill out this form? 4.

  42. “ Simple forms don’t have to have fewer fields

  43. Place your screenshot here Conditional Logic Only show fields your

    user needs to see and only when they need to see them.
  44. Multi-Page Forms Breaking up long forms will improve completion rates—If

    you have progress indicators.
  45. None
  46. More tips A few more things: » auto-populate fields whenever

    possible » save data from one session to another (save drafts) » make forms responsive » use repeatable fields for data sets
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  49. As if looking for new health insurance isn't bad enough.

  50. After what we just went through on the other website...

    this is bliss.
  51. Taking ease of use beyond the browser

  52. Which devices are people using to access with the internet?

    47% Tablet 80% Smartphone 91% PC/Laptop Source: Global Web Index Text your favorite color to (720) 573-0128
  53. Which devices are people using to access the internet? 9%

    Smart Watch 34% Smart TV 37% Game Console Source: Global Web Index Text your favorite color to (720) 573-0128
  54. Which devices are people using to access the internet? ?

    What’s Next? Text your favorite color to (720) 573-0128
  55. IoT Internet of Things Text your favorite color to (720)

  56. As a result: Text your favorite color to (720) 573-0128

  57. Engaging Do I enjoy filling out this form? 5. Text

    your favorite color to (720) 573-0128
  58. THE GOAL OF ENGAGING FORMS » Increase conversions » Collect

    actionable data » Build trust Text your favorite color to (720) 573-0128
  59. t To build engaging forms, just pay attention to the

    rest of the pyramid. Text your favorite color to (720) 573-0128
  60. t Text your favorite color to (720) 573-0128

  61. Engagement doesn’t end there. What happens after form submission is

    just as important. Text your favorite color to (720) 573-0128
  62. You’ve got mail Confirmation Emails • confirm submission • provide

    instructions • up-sale or promote Text your favorite color to (720) 573-0128
  63. You will literally "blow them away" with boring copy and

    unnecessary captchas. I guess I could fill out this form. But I'd rather tell you about my junker. Text your favorite color to (720) 573-0128
  64. And the winner is?

  65. Any questions? You can find us at: » @SteveWellsJr »

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