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October 02, 2014




October 02, 2014


  1. The moving systems *

  2. * *All water on Earth *Makes Earth special *Water exists

    in all states *Only planet to be able to support life because it contains water
  3. None
  4. *Cryosphere is a part of the hydrosphere *Made of the

    Ice *About 3% of the Hydrosphere *
  5. * *Main Interactions through water cycle *Hydrosphere is very dynamic

    and open system *Water evaporated in atmosphere is water vapor *Always moving watercycle
  6. *Hydrosphere is essential for life *Fresh water is a limited

    resource *People affect water sources, water management is an ongoing challenge *
  7. * *How does water and the water cycle affect you

    here where you live?
  8. * *Gasses surrounding the Earth *Extends hundreds of miles *Wind

    is movement of the air in atmosphere
  9. * *No distinct end *Merges with space *Mostly Just oxygen

    and nitrogen *Some Argon and very little Carbon Dioxide *Greenhouse gas that traps heat!
  10. * Write into your notes and then share with a

    partner * If Carbon Dioxide traps heat, explain what happens if there is more of it in the air .
  11. * *Troposphere *Where weather and life happens *Stratosphere *Where airliners

    fly *Ozone layer is located here *Mesosphere *Charged with Ions, burns up meteorites *Thermosphere *Very thin, turns sunlight to Northern Lights *Exosphere – Merging with space
  12. * *Serves as a fliter from Sun’s ultaviolet radiation *absorption

    of ultraviolet radiation by ozone creates a source of heat *Depletion- decrease *Caused by green house gases (CO2 , CO, CH4 ) and chemicals in refrigerators, air conditioners, cleaning of electronic equipment, and more * results in holes in the Ozone layer Ozone Depletion
  13. *Provides Oxygen and CO2 essential for human and plant life

    *Protects from sun’s harmful radiation *Controls climate *Open system transfers through water and carbon cycles *We need to be careful of CO2 we put in *
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