Data Libraries (W. Horstmann, International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) 2014 General Assembly & Annual Conference, Tokio/Japan, 17.10.2014)

Data Libraries (W. Horstmann, International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) 2014 General Assembly & Annual Conference, Tokio/Japan, 17.10.2014)


SUB Göttingen

July 06, 2015


  1. Data Libraries

  2. Overview I.  A brief history of data (and libraries) II. 

    Current trends and developments III.  Some examples IV.  Conclusion
  3. The Hats I Wear Today •  University of Göttingen (Germany),

    University Librarian •  Göttingen eResearch Alliance, Co-Director •  LIBER, European Library Association, Executive Board –  Also SC Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructure (Chair) •  Research Data Alliance, RDA EUROPE, Advisory Board •  Credits; work I will show –  University of Oxford, Bodleian Libraires (ex Associate Director) –  University of Bielefeld (ex Chief Information Officer)

  5. Research data is highly context-specific.

  6. Research data is highly context-specific.

  7. What do I mean when I say “Library”?

  8. What do I mean when I say “Library”?

  9. What do I mean when I say “Library”?

  10. What do I mean when I say “Library”?

  11. What do I mean when I say “Library”?

  12. The Separation of Libraries and Data through Labs [Anlass der

  13. The library as a data powerhouse

  14. The library as a data powerhouse

  15. The library as a data powerhouse

  16. The library as a data powerhouse

  17. The library transcended its ‘body’

  18. The library transcended its ‘soul’

  19. The ambivalence of the “Digital Library”

  20. The ambivalence of the “Digital Library”

  21. Research data libraries are manifold

  22. Research data libraries are manifold

  23. Historical Challenge for Data Research literature and research data need

    to be linked to stay a meaningful record of research ... Libraries and data services need to provide durable business relations or consolidate

  25. Brave New World of Research Data [Anlass der Präsentation]

  26. Quick Sharing of Data Based Results [Anlass der Präsentation]

  27. Publishing Data [Anlass der Präsentation]

  28. Writing a Data Paper [Anlass der Präsentation]

  29. Funder Policies – Many!

  30. LIBER – European Library Association

  31. Research Data Alliance •  An international forum for all stakeholders

    in research data •  Organized in Interest Groups and Working Groups •  Libraries active in many contexts: massive BoF participation •  „Small Data“ as a specific challenge: The „Long Tail“ of Research Data
  32. LERU – League of European Research Universities

  33. European Policy [Anlass der Präsentation]

  34. International Policy


  36. Central RDM Activities •  Research Data Policy: “Principles” •  Coordination

    post funded by the University •  Focus group with leading academics •  Colloquium Knowledge Infrastructure •  Library in close cooperation with IT –  Library provides curation and metadata support –  IT Services provide servers and storage
  37. Centrally Supported RDM actvitity •  Data-Service Centre “Business and Organisational

    Data” •  Infrastructure for Collaborative Research Project (50PIs, 12 Years) “From Heterogeneity to Inequality” •  Excellence Cluster “Cognitive Interaction Robotics” (100PIs, 10 years) •  Library Services: metadata, DOIs, software, calendars, websites… •  Storage and housing in IT Services
  38. None
  39. Joint Publications of Subject Specialists and Library Staff

  40. None
  41. RDM Resolution

  42. Institutional Repository

  43. Institutional Repository

  44. III. SOME EXAMPLES Part B: Oxford

  45. RDM Policy

  46. RDM Working Group •  Chaired by PVC-R •  Representation of

    many stakeholders –  Divisions –  Libraries –  IT Services –  Research Services •  Many external and departmental activities •  Central services as fall-back
  47. Multi-Agency Initiative

  48. RDM Website

  49. III. SOME EXAMPLES Part C: Göttingen [Anlass der Präsentation]

  50. Information Infrastructure at the Göttingen Campus •  Göttingen Campus • 

    IT Services: GWDG •  State and University Library Göttingen: SUB •  Research Data Policy •  Göttingen eResearch Alliance –  Building on a strong tradition of collaboration –  Sustainable Support at Seleceted Points in the Research Lifecycle –  Consultations for Project Proposals –  Pooling Infrastructure Specialists –  IT Support, Publication Services, Research Data and Software Development
  51. Building the Göttingen eResearch Alliance Library Göttingen Campus Partners IT

    Services University Collections Faculties and Institutes Centre for Digital Humanities Humanities Data Centre Philosophy) Medicine) Biology) Theology) Chemistry) Geosciences) International Partners Collabora'on) Project Consultancy Research Data Services Staff Pooling Software Development Publication Services Services)

  53. Conclusion •  Data joins literature in the authoritative record of

    research •  At campuses, a spirit of collaboration is emerging to tackle the challenge •  Libraries and service organisations provide „Data Libraries“ •  An even stronger collaboration is needed nationally and internationally •  Disintegration is a threat to the reproducibilty of research •  Literature and data need to form a reliably linked corpus
  54. Thank you for your attention