Data Services in Universities and Journals (W. Horstmann, 2nd Data Management Workshop in Cologne, Köln, 28.11.2014)

Data Services in Universities and Journals (W. Horstmann, 2nd Data Management Workshop in Cologne, Köln, 28.11.2014)


SUB Göttingen

July 06, 2015


  1. [Anlass der Präsentation] Data Services in Universities and Journals Wolfram

  2. [Anlass der Präsentation] Brave new world of research data

  3. [Anlass der Präsentation] Research data stakeholders Data Governments Research Institutions

    Funders Publishers Researchers
  4. [Anlass der Präsentation] RDM POLICIES

  5. [Anlass der Präsentation] Project Policy: Human Genome Project 1996

  6. [Anlass der Präsentation] Funder Policy: DFG 1998 Recommendation 7: Primary

    data as the basis for publications shall be securely stored for ten years in a durable form in the institution of their origin.
  7. [Anlass der Präsentation] Project policy: Tools 2001

  8. [Anlass der Präsentation] Funder Policy: US NIH 2002

  9. [Anlass der Präsentation] Journal Policy, e.g. NAR 2003 (?)

  10. [Anlass der Präsentation] Funder Policy: CRCs 2010ff

  11. [Anlass der Präsentation] Funder Policy: EPSRC 2011

  12. [Anlass der Präsentation] Funder Policy: many… 2012

  13. [Anlass der Präsentation] Institutional Policy: e.g. Edinburgh 2011

  14. [Anlass der Präsentation] Funder Policy: EC 2012

  15. [Anlass der Präsentation] Government Policy: e.g. UK 2012

  16. [Anlass der Präsentation] International Policy, e.g. G8 2013

  17. [Anlass der Präsentation] Service Policy: Dryad

  18. [Anlass der Präsentation] Service Policy: Figshare

  19. [Anlass der Präsentation] Service Policy: Scientific Data

  20. [Anlass der Präsentation] WHAT INSTITUTIONS CAN DO

  21. [Anlass der Präsentation] Look at National Initiatives

  22. [Anlass der Präsentation] Look at Libraries Practice CASE STUDIES OF

  23. [Anlass der Präsentation] Look at University Policy

  24. [Anlass der Präsentation] Engage in Expert Conversations

  25. [Anlass der Präsentation] Refer to Existing Repositories

  26. [Anlass der Präsentation] UNIVERSITY EXAMPLE: BIELEFELD

  27. [Anlass der Präsentation] RDM Principles

  28. [Anlass der Präsentation] Central RDM Activities • Research Data Policy:

    “Principles” • Coordination post funded by the University • Focus group with leading academics • Colloquium Knowledge Infrastructure • Library in close cooperation with IT – Library provides curation and metadata support – IT Services provide servers and storage
  29. [Anlass der Präsentation] Centrally Supported RDM actvitity • Data-Service Centre

    “Business and Organisational Data” • Infrastructure for Collaborative Research Project (50PIs, 12 Years) “From Heterogeneity to Inequality” • Excellence Cluster “Cognitive Interaction Robotics” (100PIs, 10 years) • Library Services: metadata, DOIs, software, calendars, websites… • Storage and housing in IT Services
  30. [Anlass der Präsentation]

  31. [Anlass der Präsentation]

  32. [Anlass der Präsentation]

  33. [Anlass der Präsentation] RDM Resolution

  34. [Anlass der Präsentation] Institutional Repository

  35. [Anlass der Präsentation] Institutional Repository

  36. [Anlass der Präsentation] Institutional Repository

  37. [Anlass der Präsentation] UNIVERSITY EXAMPLE: OXFORD

  38. [Anlass der Präsentation] RDM Policy

  39. [Anlass der Präsentation] RDM Working Group • Chaired by PVC-R

    • Representation of many stakeholders – Divisions – Libraries – IT Services – Research Services • Many external and departmental activities • Central services as fall-back
  40. [Anlass der Präsentation] Multi-Agency Initiative

  41. [Anlass der Präsentation] RDM Website

  42. [Anlass der Präsentation] Institutional Repository: ORA-Data

  43. [Anlass der Präsentation] UNIVERSITY EXAMPLE: GÖTTINGEN

  44. [Anlass der Präsentation] Information Infrastructure at the Göttingen Campus •

    Göttingen Campus • IT Services: GWDG • State and University Library Göttingen: SUB • Research Data Policy • Göttingen eResearch Alliance – Building on a strong tradition of collaboration – Sustainable Support at Seleceted Points in the Research Lifecycle – Consultations for Project Proposals – Pooling Infrastructure Specialists – Training, IT Support, Publication Services, Research Data and Software
  45. [Anlass der Präsentation] Building the Göttingen eResearch Alliance Library Göttingen

    Campus Partners IT Services University Collections Faculties and Institutes Centre for Digital Humanities Humanities Data Centre International Partners Collaboration # Project Consultancy Research Data Services Staff Pooling Training Software Development Publication Services Services International Information Infrastructure
  46. [Anlass der Präsentation] JOURNAL EXAMPLE: NATURE

  47. [Anlass der Präsentation]

  48. [Anlass der Präsentation] JOURNAL EXAMPLE: SCIENTIFIC DATA

  49. [Anlass der Präsentation]

  50. [Anlass der Präsentation] JOURNAL EXAMPLE: F1000 RESEARCH

  51. [Anlass der Präsentation] Institutional Repositories General Terms Hosting

  52. [Anlass der Präsentation] SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION

  53. [Anlass der Präsentation] We Need Data Libraries • Post-hoc Data

    Library: derived from a longstanding history of librarianship – Strenghts: service reputation, recurrent funds and a profession behind it – Weakness: little subject-specific expertise • Ad-hoc Data Library: derived from urgent needs in (research) practice – Strength: built on outstanding subject-specific expertise – Weakness: service not always culture of research, no recurrent funding • However, there are many hybrids – The physical data library is about virtual data services – The virtual data library will need a physical infrastructure [Anlass der Präsentation]
  54. [Anlass der Präsentation] We Need Data Libraries • How? 1.

    apply collaboration spirit between Researchers, Libraries, IT Service, Institutions, Funders and Publishers 2. jointly work on a ‚funded‘ policy 3. focus on the record of research, i.e. links between data and literature 4. focus on the added value of the individual researcher
  55. [Anlass der Präsentation] Research Data Stakeholder Contributions Research Data Governments

    Research Institutions Funders Publishers Researchers Funding
  56. [Anlass der Präsentation] THANKS