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Continuous Delivery with GitHub Actions - DeliveryConf 2020

January 21, 2020

Continuous Delivery with GitHub Actions - DeliveryConf 2020

Continuous Delivery with GitHub Actions
January 21, 2020
Seattle Washington


January 21, 2020

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  1. Continuous Delivery with GitHub Actions DeliveryConf 2020 - Sean Sullivan

  2. About me

  3. None
  4. Agenda CI/CD GitHub Actions Core concepts Security

  5. CI/CD

  6. “The most important practice for continuous integration to work properly

    is frequent check-ins to trunk”
  7. “Continuous integration was first written about in Kent Beck’s book

    Extreme Programming Explained”
  8. None

  10. “GitHub Actions help you automate your software development workflows” source:

  11. “You can write individual tasks, called actions, and combine them

    to create a custom workflow” source: GitHub.com
  12. Getting started

  13. Actions tab

  14. Actions tab Starter Workflow

  15. Workflow editor

  16. Workflow editor

  17. Workflow editor

  18. Workflow editor [email protected]

  19. Workflow editor [email protected]

  20. Workflow editor run: sbt test

  21. Workflow editor click

  22. Workflow editor click

  23. .github/workflows

  24. Actions tab

  25. Actions tab

  26. Actions tab

  27. Ruby On Rails uses GitHub Actions

  28. Ruby on Rails

  29. Ruby on Rails

  30. Ruby on Rails

  31. Ruby on Rails

  32. Core concepts

  33. Events Actions Workflows

  34. create deployment deployment_status issue created pull_request push schedule label created

    (and many more) Events trigger workflows
  35. Workflows are custom automated processes that you can set up

    in your repository to build, test, package, release, or deploy source: GitHub.com
  36. GitHub webhooks GitHub Actions workflows

  37. Actions are individual tasks that you can combine to create

    jobs source: GitHub.com
  38. You can create custom Actions or use Actions provided by

    the GitHub community source: GitHub.com
  39. action.yml declares the inputs and outputs for an action source:

  40. Types of Actions: JavaScript Docker source: GitHub.com

  41. “GitHub Actions is available with GitHub Free, GitHub Pro, GitHub

    Team, and GitHub Enterprise Cloud” source: GitHub.com
  42. What if I already have an existing CI tool enabled?

  43. Keep your existing CI tool and enable GitHub Actions

  44. Evaluate both CI tools running side-by-side

  45. Actions runtime Runners Virtual Environments

  46. Runners GitHub-hosted Self-hosted

  47. Hosted Runners “GitHub hosts Linux and Windows runners on Standard_DS2_v2

    virtual machines in Microsoft Azure with the GitHub Actions runner application installed” source: GitHub.com
  48. Self-Hosted Runners “Self-hosted runners can be physical, virtual, container, on-premises,

    or in a cloud” source: GitHub.com
  49. Self-Hosted Runners

  50. Self-Hosted Runners C Sharp

  51. Virtual Environments

  52. Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04 Linux support

  53. Third party actions

  54. AWS Actions Azure Actions Google Cloud Actions

  55. Pulumi Actions Terraform Actions Twilio SMS Action

  56. https://github.com/aws-actions

  57. None
  58. AWS: action.yml

  59. Security

  60. Secrets access protected keys using the secrets context object source:

  61. Secrets source: GitHub.com

  62. Secrets source: GitHub.com

  63. Secrets source: GitHub.com

  64. Secrets source: GitHub.com

  65. Self-Hosted Runners “do not use self- hosted runners with public

    repositories” source: GitHub.com
  66. Self-Hosted Runners “Forks of your public repository can potentially run

    dangerous code on your self-hosted runner machine” source: GitHub.com
  67. Final thoughts

  68. “CI ensures that the code that we create, as a

    team, works by providing us with rapid feedback on any problems”
  69. “However, CI is not enough”

  70. “end-to-end automation of our build, deploy, test, release processes”

  71. GitHub Actions End-to-end pipeline Deploy with confidence Conclusion

  72. Thank you twitter.com/tinyrobots github.com/sullis

  73. Bonus slides

  74. None
  75. THE END