Riak Techniques for Advanced Web and Mobile Application Development

Riak Techniques for Advanced Web and Mobile ApplicationĀ Development

[RICON East 2013] In recent years, there have been tremendous advances in high-performance, high-availability data storage for scalable web and mobile application development. Oftentimes, these NoSQL solutions are portrayed as sacrificing the crispness and rapid application development features of relational database alternatives. In this presentation, we show the amazing things that are possible using a variety of techniques to apply Riak's advanced features such as map-reduce, search, and secondary indexes. We review each feature in the context of a demanding real-world Ruby & Javascript "Pinterest clone" application with advanced features such as real-time updates via Websocket, comment feeds, content quarantining, permissions, search and social graph modeling. We pay specific attention to explaining the 'why' of these Riak techniques for high-performance, high availability applications, not just the 'how'.


Sunny Gleason

May 13, 2013