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Implementing Real-Time Geo-Replication with

Implementing Real-Time Geo-Replication with

ElasticSearch is a phenomenal data store -- its easy approach to scalability using symmetric nodes has dramatically improved the way we operate scalable persistence services. With this huge success, we find that some challenges still remain -- especially in operating ElasticSearch across geographically distant clusters for fault-tolerance and disaster recovery. In this talk, I'd like to share a set of new, open source ElasticSearch plugins I'm building that use the PubNub fault-tolerant global data stream network as a medium for cross-cluster document replication and indexing. This includes a storage event listener for document change propagation and a new ElasticSearch River for indexing. I'd love to get feedback on these use cases and plugin design and implementation and also hear about some of the geo-replication challenges other folks might be facing. I'll have the code up on GitHub with a HOWTO and a downloadable demo bundle that folks can try if they'd like to follow along during the presentation.
Presenter: Sunny Gleason is founder and Cloud Guy at SunnyCloud, a company that provides Cloud, Web &Mobile application development, hosting and operations to businesses in the cloud. He specializes in real-time protocols and scalable persistence solutions. Before all that, Sunny was a Platform Engineer developing Cloud Computing solutions at Ning andAmazon.com.

Sunny Gleason

October 14, 2014

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  1. var self = this; • Sunny Gleason, All-Stack Engineer •

    Previous: Amazon (web services), Ning, Startup(1..N) • Current: SunnyCloud • Short Story: A-Team you can call on to help you build (or rescue) cloud services, web & mobile applications • Longer Story: Network of developers aiming to change the way businesses build applications
  2. take these… PubNub Account http://goo.gl/oJnTpv Quickstart Guide http://goo.gl/eFHYLc Quickstart Bundle

    http://goo.gl/d05uwg Changes Plugin http://goo.gl/tLVhhP River Plugin http://goo.gl/WhqvAu
  3. elasticsearch clustering • NODE : process / unit (~JVM) •

    PRIMARY : master of a shard * • REPLICA : copies of a shard
 * at a particular moment in time
  4. global network model • Availability zone : a single data

    center* • Region : a collection of data centers within ~1ms
 * for the purposes of fault-tolerance
  5. how to geo-replicate in ElasticSearch? • Create routing configuration for

    global index and shard placement • Update each ElasticSearch cluster with its own version of the configuration • IAD: [me, SFO, DUB] • SFO: [IAD, me, DUB] • DUB: [IAD, SFO, me]
  6. issues w/ ElasticSearch geo- replication out-of-the-box • lots of global

    configuration state • geo-distant sites see each other’s internals (violates encapsulation) • N:N networking - topologically inefficient • requires network connectivity among all nodes • reasoning about failure is extremely difficult
  7. our vision • what if each logical data store had

    a publish/ subscribe channel? • what if each primary cluster could publish changes to that channel? • what if each replica cluster could simply listen on that channel and apply updates to its local index? • what if there was smart routing so that global update propagation follows a minimal spanning tree?
  8. what we’d do • write an ElasticSearch Changes plugin so

    that updates are published to a channel • write an ElasticSearch River plugin so that updates from channel(s) could be applied to the local index
  9. doesn’t this already exist? • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS):

    1:1 messaging, not global, not easy make M:N • RabbitMQ / AMQP : probably more challenging than ElasticSearch to set up globally in a fault- tolerant manner • It’s hard to find or create a global system with consistent availability & real-time performance
  10. PubNub properties • global data stream network • 14 global

    data centers • global update propagation in < 250ms • publish/subscribe with presence & history
  11. PubNub Changes Plugin • extends IndexingOperationListener • Attaches to PRIMARY

    indexes, publishes 3 types of events to PubNub channel • CREATE, INDEX, DELETE • Create & Index require OpType to be set • Feedback welcome!
  12. PubNub River Plugin • implements River • Subscribes to PubNub

    channel • Replays operations from channel against local index(es) • Not quite happy when version conflicts occur • Feedback welcome!
  13. interesting aspects • presence support allows operational insight
 (similar to

    a chat room where “users” are the cluster members) • history support allows messages to be replayed (configurable message retention) • built-in transport & message-level encryption can provide a reasonable level of security for many use cases
  14. related work • PubNub MongoDB Plugin : http://goo.gl/4etuYK • PubNub

    Redis Plugin : http://goo.gl/2Sf33N 
 Allow updates to be propagated to/replayed from a PubNub channel
  15. future work • handling batch calls • versioning in a

    multi-master world • finding and fixing failures in a distributed model • semantics and better ordering guarantees to support higher update rates • anti-entropy, possibly using: ElasticSearch transaction log, PubNub history, checksum trees • operational insight using presence features • more polyglot persistence use cases