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iOS 通信のパフォーマンス改善

iOS 通信のパフォーマンス改善

- SDWebImageによる改善
- PonryDebugerによる通信の解析・分析

yohei sugigami

February 14, 2015

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  1. Team ৿ాઌੜ ME Full Time iOS Engineer iOS Engineer મ౬ཱྀਓ

    Half Time ιϑΝʔͰϖΞϓϩελΠϧͳ։ൃ :)
  2. SDWebImageͷίʔυΛಡΉ 63- 63- 63- 63- 63- 63- 63- 63- 63-

    63- SDWebImageDownloader Request Queue SDWebImageDownloaderOperation UIImageView#sd_setImageWithURL
  3. SDWebImagePrefetcher @interface SDWebImagePrefetcher : NSObject 
 @property (strong, readonly) SDWebImageManager

    *manager; @property (assign) NSUInteger maxConcurrentDownloads; - (void)prefetchURLs:(NSArray *)urls; 63- 63- 63-
  4. SDWebImageOptions @interface UIImageView (WebCache) - (void)sd_setImageWithURL:(NSURL *)url placeholderImage: (UIImage *)placeholder

    options:(SDWebImageOptions)options; typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, SDWebImageOptions) { SDWebImageLowPriority = 1 << 1, SDWebImageHighPriority = 1 << 8, Change Priority
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