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Sumit More shares his experience about working with Storyboards. The pros and cons of it.


Swift India

May 27, 2017


  1. Storyboards…My Learnings Sumit M. NonStop io Technologies Pune NonStop io

  2. NonStop io Technologies • Software Development Consultancy • Core competency:

    Mobile Software Design and Development • 25+ projects NonStop io Technologies
  3. NonStop and iOS • First iOS project in 2015 •

    8 iOS Apps since 2015 • Catered to multiple domains including HealthTech, EduTech, Social, Vehicular Tracking, Process Automation etc. NonStop io Technologies
  4. Storyboarding • Introduced with Xcode 4.2 iOS 5 in 2011

    • Better conceptual overview of the App • Easy understanding of transitions • Made AutoLayout a lot easier • Excellent integration with IDE from designer point of view • Helps achieve speed up in designing and prototyping • Easy for beginners who have no particular background in software design NonStop io Technologies
  5. Storyboarding - The Pros • Exceptional visualization tool • Encapsulates

    views and transitions • Defines the workflow of the complete application at a glance NonStop io Technologies
  6. Case Study 1- The App • An App in MedTech

    • Designed to be an aggregator of all the medical services like clinics, hospitals, pathology labs, • Platform for patients, doctors, hospitals, chemists, and path-labs NonStop io Technologies
  7. • Storyboard started becoming too big • App had 51+

    screens and one storyboard • Storyboard loading time started getting bigger • Repository merging conflicts started becoming real pain as multiple developers started working on the project Case Study 1- The Roadblock NonStop io Technologies
  8. • Separated the functionalities into multiple storyboards • One-to-One mapping

    of storyboard and the corresponding controller • View-Controller separation based on functionality paved way for less repo merge conflicts since every developer worked on one functionality at a time Case Study 1- Solution and Advantages NonStop io Technologies
  9. We thought we had found a success formula for iOS

    App Development! NonStop io Technologies
  10. Until… • Requirement: iOS App in EduTech domain • The

    App was intended to train sales representatives across the globe • App was supposed to be localized to have multi- lingual support • App consisted of multimedia rich training content including text-with-audio-background, videos and quiz • Quiz had animation effects based on actions of the user NonStop io Technologies
  11. We Started All Guns Blazing… NonStop io Technologies

  12. The Road block! • Our text positioning constraints started breaking

    across the different devices • AutoLayout only worked as long as it was setup for specific size class • iPhone6S and iPhone6S Plus have the same size class, but difference form factors • Constraints and dimensions nightmares! NonStop io Technologies
  13. The Solution! • Removal of existing layout constraints of various

    elements in a screen • Runtime layout constraints updates based on type of device NonStop io Technologies
  14. What we learnt! • Storyboards are awesome for quick prototyping

    • They provide a great bird’s eye view of complete App workflow • However, as complexity increases the storyboards tend to get slow to load, and inconvenient to traverse • Autolayout works best independent of constraint dependencies for devices belonging to the same size class • In order to cater to the layout constraints for different devices of same size class on needs to enforce them at runtime NonStop io Technologies
  15. Community • Tech communities are the best places to grow

    oneself as an engineer, expert and a leader • SwiftIndia is one of the best tech. communities around for Swift learning, discussions and networking NonStop io Technologies Pune B’lore D elhi Mumbai H ’bad Chennai Ahmedabad Indore
  16. Thanks! See you around :-) NonStop io Technologies