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[AWS] Platform Orchestrators: The Missing Middle of Internal Developer Platforms?

[AWS] Platform Orchestrators: The Missing Middle of Internal Developer Platforms?

How do you build a platform? Top-down, application developer-focused? Bottom-up, operations/infrastructure-focused? Or middle-out, platform engineering-focused?


June 14, 2024

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  1. @danielbryantuk | @kratixio Platform Orchestrators: The Missing Middle of Internal

    Developer Platforms? Daniel Bryant | Platform Engineer | Head of Product Marketing @ Syntasso @danielbryantuk
  2. @danielbryantuk | @kratixio How do you build a platform? •

    Top-down, application developer-focused ◦ “The Backstage service catalog is fantastic, but the support for day 2 ops… not so much” • Bottom-up, operations/infrastructure-focused ◦ “The Terraform workflow is fantastic, but infrastructure abstractions leak through to developers (HCL, K8s, etc)” • Middle-out, platform engineering-focused ◦ X-as-a-service, process automation, fleet management ◦ “Platform as a product” approach
  3. @danielbryantuk | @kratixio From Kubernetes to PaaS to… err, what’s

    next? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUpYEhaUJnM
  4. @danielbryantuk | @kratixio What is a platform, anyway? 🚉 A

    digital platform is a foundation of self-service APIs, tools, services, knowledge and support which are arranged as a compelling internal product. Autonomous delivery teams can make use of the platform to deliver product features at a higher pace, with reduced co-ordination. Evan Bottcher martinfowler.com/articles/talk-about-platforms.html
  5. @danielbryantuk | @kratixio Top down, app developer-focused rollout “The portal

    is my platform. Developers go here to spin up a new application, deploy it, and view metrics” ✅ Fantastic developer experience (and service catalog) ✅ Highly customisable ⚠ Often a facade that calls a series of infrastructure APIs in “one shot” ⚠ Day 2 aspects of the portal and plugins can be challenging
  6. @danielbryantuk | @kratixio “{{IaC}} is my platform. I can orchestrate

    all of my infrastructure via YAML, bash, and cron jobs, and the GitOps pipelines automatically deploy apps” ✅ Everything-as-code ✅ Highly automatable ⚠ Infrastructure abstractions leak outwards towards developers ⚠ At scale, the diversity of tech can become challenging to orchestrate Bottom up, operations-focused rollout
  7. @danielbryantuk | @kratixio What are the goals of your platform?

    • Go faster: Platform teams need to provide “everything as a service” to help rapidly and sustainably deliver value to end-users • Decrease risk: Teams need to automate manual processes in reusable components • Increase efficiency: You need to manage and scale your digital platform and resources as a fleet
  8. @danielbryantuk | @kratixio Emerging platform tech stacks • Upbound, Humanitec,

    Syntasso Kratix Enterprise, Massdriver, Qovery, Port, Cortex, etc • The “BACK” stack: Backstage, Argo, Crossplane, Kyverno • CNOE Framework: Cloud Native Operation Excellence • KubeVela and Open Application Model (OAM) • Kratix and Promises • Argo CD and Rollouts • DIY: All the other CNCF tech++ • … More opinionated Less opinionated
  9. @danielbryantuk | @kratixio Conclusion • 🏗 Build your platform intentionally

    • 🚉 Watch out for the missing middle: “platform orchestrators” • 👀 Struggling with scaling day 2 operations with your portal? • 👀 Infrastructure abstractions leaking to developers? • 🎯 Focus on “platform as a product”
  10. @danielbryantuk | @kratixio And now to a demo by Jake!

    @danielbryantuk | @aclevernamedev syntasso.io/post/platform-engineering-orchestrating-applications-platforms-an d-infrastructure speakerdeck.com/syntasso