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openSUSE Conference 2017 - Board Meeting Review

openSUSE Conference 2017 - Board Meeting Review

Like every year, the last session will be a meeting with the openSUSE Board.


Richard Brown

May 28, 2017


  1. Richard Brown openSUSE Chairman rbrown@opensuse.org openSUSE Board Meeting

  2. We’ve been busy

  3. Operation Tidy Up • Lots of ‘organisational cruft’ left around

    after years of growth and transformation • Incorrect / outdated wiki articles, policies, documents, copyright statements, feature requests, etc • Tidy Up underway • PLEASE HELP!
  4. Maintenance/Support EOL • Not enough users migrate to Leap 42.2

    before EOL of 42.1 • Fear of new “versions” is a problem • Minor Leap versions are not truly ‘versions’ • Expect “Service Pack” “Maintenance Pack” terminology going forward • Expect more warning of EOL periods before they come
  5. Membership Reform • Currently too hard to become a member

    • Too hard to ‘unbecome’ a member – lots of inactive members • Board accountable to community (25%+ members can recall the Board) • Need a sensible membership scheme to ensure the governance of the project matches its contributors
  6. Membership Reform – The Plan • 1 Contribution = eligible

    to be a member • Automatic approval/confirmation = WIP • Automatic renewal for all members when possible • No automatically noticed contribution for a year = PING! • Member until individual no longer wishes to be a member • PLEASE HELP! Members DB & Approval tooling
  7. Handling Rough Edges Better • What to do about people

    using “unsupported” openSUSE offerings? – Devel Projects – Krypton, Argon, etc – New initiatives (eg. Kubic)
  8. Handling EXPECTATIONS Better • openSUSE Incubators • Official stamp of

    intent “We’re openSUSE, and we’re working on it” • Official stamp of quality “We’re not yet openSUSE quality, but we’re working on it” • Easy entry (Casual, subjective, approval from Board+others) • Slightly harder exit (Formal, in-depth, approval from Board+others+)
  9. openSUSE Incubators • We need to identify the first ‘Incubated’

    Projects • We need to firm up the processes & criteria • We need changes to tooling and websites to reflect this new ‘tier’ of sub-projects • PLEASE HELP! Discuss on opensuse-project@opensuse.org
  10. openSUSE Conference 2018 • We love Nuremberg and z-bau •

    openSUSE Conference by openSUSE for openSUSE is great • Co-locating will be a nice change • Actively investigating co-locating with Cryptofest, Prague for oSC 2018 • We’ll be back….
  11. Mission Statement • Mission Statements matter • Set the tone

    of the project • First thing the media, other projects, conferences, etc will use to describe your project • First thing a new comer will read
  12. Mission Statement The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that

    promotes the use of Linux everywhere
  13. Tumbleweed

  14. Mission Statement The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that

    promotes the use of Linux and build tools, and testing tools, and systems management tools, and software delivery tools, and collaboration tools everywhere
  15. Mission Statement – Missing the Point • It’s NOT just

    about WHAT we do, but HOW we do it • We CARE about working openly. Open Source, Open Ideas, Open Discussions, Open Teams, Open Processes. • We CARE about building things RIGHT. Quality engineering, done quickly, done the ‘right way’. • We CARE about “scratch your own itch” and “those who do, decide”. We do what YOU do - It’s YOUR project & We = You.
  16. Mission Statement – New Draf “openSUSE - Openly Engineered Tools

    to Change Your World”
  17. Join Us at www.opensuse.org

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