HOLY SYNC: a sane approach to offline-first cross-platform data syncing

HOLY SYNC: a sane approach to offline-first cross-platform data syncing

Today users expect to have their data available on every device, and to be able to view and edit it at any time without an Internet connection.
Given how common the need is, anyone who tried to approach this problem might have found out that it’s (un)surprisingly complex, and that there are very few available tools!
In this talk I want to show how we solved it at Clue, without going crazy, on both Android and iOS.

In particular:

* Who needs this, and who doesn’t.
* Couchbase Lite: an open-source, cross-platform, embedded NoSQL database.
* Transitioning from a standard SQL data model to a NoSQL one, with deep implications on how that affects every level of the stack.
* How embracing a “Git-like approach” to conflict management can be tremendously effective.
* Keeping performance smooth on Android.

Video at Droidcon Italy 2015:

Keynote presentation (animated!):

Wallpaper "deal with git" (2880×1800):


Eugenio Marletti

April 10, 2015