Building for stress cases

Building for stress cases

WordCamp Belfast talk


Tammie Lister

May 26, 2018


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    “When we label a usage an “edge case,” we marginalize

    that user and choose not to care. Think “stress case,” instead, and design for that human.” - Eric Meyer
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    “The designer should assume that people will be interrupted during

    their activities”
 - The Design of Everyday Things
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    “…there are 6.4-billion people who are temporarily able-bodied. We are

    all changing at every moment.”
 - Kat Holmes
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    “It may not be possible to reliably pre-detect whether a

    person wants to see their year in review, but it’s not at all hard to ask politely —empathetically— if it’s something they want. ”
 - Eric Meyer
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    “No one could understand why you’d want to have that

    thing on your face, in the way of normal social interaction.” 
 – MIT Technology Review
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    “ But if our goal is to expand our market

    size, commonly called “Total Addressable Market” in business parlance as meaning the demographic range of your product or service, then the way to grow the TAM is to incorporate diversity into the content and product team.” - John Maeda inclusiveness
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    “For boomers, technology is contagious. And they don’t consider themselves

    technology dunces. Instead, they blame manufacturers for excessive complexity and poor instructions. ”
 - Rodgers
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    “Growing up in Texas, I received many negative messages about

    my dark skin. Now here I was, 20 years later, too black for Snapchat.”
 - Y-Vonne Hutchinson
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    “Remember that “crisis” doesn’t have to mean a natural disaster

    or severe medical emergency. It can be a situation where an order has gone horribly wrong, or where a user needs information while rushing to the airport.”
 - Sara Wachter-Boettcher
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    WWAHD : what would a human do? “As you read

    aloud, pretend you’re talking to a real person and ask yourself “Would I say this to someone in real life?” Sometimes our writing makes us sound stodgier or colder than we’d like.”
 - Kate Kiefer Lee
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    At first glance everything looks fine, but it won’t stand

    up to scrutiny. As soon as such a website is stress-tested by actual usage across a range of browsers, the façade crumbles. - Resilient Web Design 8. Narrow testing Problems
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